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I have 2 female cats that will let us touch them only when they feel like it but 99% of the time we can only get like 2 ft. from them before they run. My problem is... that they keep getting pregnant!! and they have the babies in the woods or under the shed or something and i see them only a couple of times and thats it. so i guess they all die before they get older and i feel bad for letting them die. Just recently my cat had babies but i guess they either all died or she forgot where she had them because she was always up by the house and her nipples never looked like they had been sucked on. So what am I supposed to do with them getting pregnant??!?! I've heard that if a female cat has too many litters that she could get a real bad infection or something inside of them and i don't want that to happen to my oldest female because she's already had at least 4 litters since she's come up to my house.
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Do you have traps? If not, you can locate a trapper to help you or someone who will loan you traps.

Try trapping them, bringing them to a vet for spaying, and then releasing them back to where you found them. Look at some of the information in the announcements at the top of the forum.

If you consider yourself the primary caretaker for these cats, then please go ahead and take action!
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You can call a feed store, a vet clinic or a local animal shelter and see if they rent out traps. Your cats need to be fixed, pregnancy is hard on them, and when they are outside and fertile they will get mated with repeatedly. Plus the kittens are at risks from all sorts of dangers.
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I agree, I have 10 that I had trapped 6 were females I had them spayed and that saves alot of babies from being born, and I had 4 boys neutered, Sometimes you can get traps from your local pound and I'm sure there is some kind of program to help with the say and neuter costs, Good Luck to you
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I agree, trapping is the best way to go.I trapped my cat and he's living with me now.....

You could check around for rescue groups that may willing to help you trap them and get them spayed very low cost. Good luck with everything! Keep us posted
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