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Felis gigantus

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Hi everyone-

I apologize if this isn't the right section of the site to post this on, but I figured breeders might know the answer to my question.

I have 2 boy cats (brothers), who were born last May 13 (2004). We sort of know their history because we got the cats from our neighbor, whose girl-cat got out very early and got pregnant before they spayed her (she's spayed now). So we know the mom, and have suspicions about possible dads, who we saw hanging around. But, to be honest, I never paid much attention to the would-be-dads.

My question is this: my cats are huge. At 11 months now, each of them weighs 15 lbs. They don't look fat, they are really just huge. I'll try to post a photo. One of the cats (Toaster) is orange and looks like a "regular" cat, just very fluffy. He is extremely friendly with people. The other cat (Floco) is all white and the vet said he is partly Siamese because he has an orangish tail, ears, eye area. And blue eyes. He is a bit less friendly. But both of them have been socialized very well from birth (kids were handling them from the start). Friends have suggested there must be some Maine Coon in them because of their size. People are amazed at how big they are. I am just curious to know if anyone would have a guess as to what kind of mix these cats are. It's not that important, I'm just very curious!

The mom is faily small, and a "regular'' Calico cat, as far as I can tell. We don't know the dads. I think Floco and Toaster may have different dads, because they look so different (except for the large size).

Thanks in advance,
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I can't address anything other than what your vet said about Floco ... just because "has an orangish tail, ears, eye area and blue eyes". This DOES NOT make him Siamese or even a Siamese mix. The only thing this allows us to believe is that he may carry the heat-sensitive gene responsible for masking the tabby pattern and allowing the "points" to develop.
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I just think they are big cats! Also along the lines of what Gaye was saying just because a cat is big does NOT mean that they have Maine Coon in them.
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I have to agree with the others. Bijou is pure Siamese (applehead) and he just recently turned 1 yr. He weighs just under 16 lbs. His sister on the other hand will be a year on July 1st and she is only 8 1/2 lbs. Bijou was 15 lbs when he was 11 months as well so IMO you do not have an unusually large cat - just a good healthy one!
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They are both 15 lbs. For cats that are not yet 1 year old, that seems huge to me. My orange cat, Toaster, looks exactly the like the orange Maine Coon photos I saw online. It was an exact replica of him, down to the markings.
I am just curious. I love them no matter what breed they are
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Any pics?
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It's a possibility that they could have some Ragdoll in them if they are both long haired. Norwegians can also have blue eyes. Both of these breeds are known to get very large. Especially the males. My male Norwegian is 11 months old and weighs about 12 lbs.
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Hi everyone-

Try this link for some photos of them. They are in chronological order. The most recent ones (at the end) were taken last weekend. Their tails are quite floofy. Not sure how well that shows in the photos. Also, Floco's ears and nose/eye area are pink-orange. Thanks for your help!

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They are no "mixes" to me if the mother was a domestic cat then that is what you have, if the father was a Pure Breed, it doesn't make the kittens a breed it just make them domestic. To me you either have a Breed or you don't they are no in between. And you can't tell by a picture what the father was, it could've been a very large domestic cat. I can't believe anyone would've let their Pure Breed cat out so it could mate with a moggie. But this is just my opinion....
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well all I know is they are very beautiful to say the least, I have a male orange tabby that at 9 months weighs 14.5 lbs
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Originally Posted by halfpint
well all I know is they are very beautiful to say the least, I have a male orange tabby that at 9 months weighs 14.5 lbs
I think all cats are beautiful no matter a moggie or a pure bred, I love them all!
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