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What do you do if your kittens starts to eat litter?
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They all do it when you first introduce them to the box...it is pretty standard operating procedure for babies. They normally spit it out so it shouldn't pose a problem unless you use scooping litter, which isn't recommended for babies.
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Im using tidy cat...???is that ok
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also i though mom was suppose to train them? When does that start..Roxi just peed on my friends lap.
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Mom doesn't really "train" them as such, but they do learn from observing her behavior. Tidy Cat is fine so long as it is the regular clay type and not clumping, as I mentioned above.

This is the way I do it, your mileage may vary ...

I confine the kittens in an extra large dog crate with their litter box, (I normally put two small, kitten-sized ones in there) their food and water dishes and plenty of toys. It usually takes about a day, sometimes two, before they get the idea, but I do not give them run of the house until they are using the litter consistantly. All the kittens are eating on their own and using the box regularly before they get run of the house. I have never had this method fail.
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so i dont have a crate, just a spare bedroom, should I confine them into a corner?
Only one is eating kitten chow, the others dont want any yet
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Make it a large corner and put something down on the floor to protect it from accidents. Also make it so Mom can get in but Babies can't get out.
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Ok, The only problem is mom will take them out? Sorry Im being so persistant, but I just found poo on the floor....I didnt yet, I just picked it up and put in thier litterbox and put them all in there one by one and did the paw thing. Mocha ended up going after that. Any suggestions on the kittens that are still only on mom for food?
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Gaye, in your first post here you said "Scooping" Did you mean "Clumping"?

momof6mews - my little boy(in my signature) is seven weeks old and he doesn't eat the kitty litter just seems to suck on it. it's just a phase that kittens go through.
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I did mean clumping, sorry.
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How much does a dog crate thing cost?
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You can buy them anywhere from $60.00 on up for the large ones. An alternative would be to purchase a couple of baby gates, and "make" your own enclosure. I know for our large dog cage we paid about $200.00 for it, but it is huge and more than paid for itself by now.
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