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I survived

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Hey everyone. I am home from surgery and recovering nicely. Wasn't nearly as scary or painful as I had anticipated. Everything went smoothly, and they said I'd be out of commission for 2 or 3 days. But I feel snazzy tonight, even cooked the family dinner and cleaned up!
Thanks for all the well wishes you all sent along. All of you are too sweet, you know who you are. I want to especially say Thanks to Debby, Donna, and Melissa who had such nice words.
I will be resting up tonight and tomorrow but I'm sure I'll be checking in here between naps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Yay Daniela!

Glad to hear your back home! Just be careful. As snazzy as you feel now, if you do too much, you'll be on your back and tired. Give your body a chance to heal! I'll give you a call over the weekend to see how you're doing.

Take care.



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Glad you are home and doing well. And listen to Donna, she is right.

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Gals ,I am trying to take it easy. I layed on the couch all afternoon watching soaps!! It was great. Then I got up for a bit to cook supper, etc. And now I am heading back to the couch and to bed. I don't want to be down and out on Turkey Day!!!!!!!!! I intend to be at the table enjoying every bite!!!!!!! Thanks for the good advice. Much appreciated.
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Enjoy that couch potato time, it won't last as long as you might want it to!
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I am glad for you that things went well - do not over do now!
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So . . . You'll be at the table "enjoying every bite", and when it's time to clear up "Oh, I'm just not up to it, still recovering from surgery, you understand."

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So glad everything went well for you!! Have a nice thanksgiving

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Daniela, I am so glad to hear you are feeling so much better, but do take it easy, we don't want you to overdo it! I know you will be up and ready to enjoy that turkey by T-day!!!!

I sent you a PM, with my phone number, hope you get can call me anytime, and you are very special to all of us here!!!
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glad the worst is over & you're good to go!

enjoy the holidays
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Glad to hear everything went well!!! Take it easy and milk the "surgery" as long as you can!!! ha ha ha ha...Take Sunlions advice about the washing up......ha ha ha ha
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Thank you all to all your great replies. I especially like the "I'm not up to it for cleaning up". That is so funny.

I am up and doing fine this morning. Not too sore, and I think I'll go about my normal day since the doc said I can resume normal activity in 24 hours. Thanks again all of you.
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I forgot there were 2 threads, so I'll post this here as well

no dishes young lady!
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If only I had a dishwasher AP........
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You DO have a dishwasher. It's called a Husband or Children. Never to early to teach them responsibility. Hope you're feeling better. Have a great holiday.
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Didn't you know that if a man touches a dish it causes DEATH???????????:laughing:

I am feeling just fine now. Thanks for the idea of teaching kids responsibility, we are trying right now to give my five year old "chores", and it seems to be working!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Donna.
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Aha!!! Thats why my hubby runs out of the house at the speed of light every time I mention dishes....or even if the tap starts running actually!! ha ha ha ha...
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That explains 2 things about my hubby:

1) When I was pregnant and huge and could barely move, the thing that was hardest for me was to load and unload the dishwasher and the only thing he wouldn't do was load and unload the dishwasher! He'd help me put on shoes and socks - because I couldn't bend over - but the dishwasher would be full of clean dishes and he'd let the sink fill up with dirty dishes and switch to paper plates before he'd do a thing about it.

2) He never uses a plate himself, unless I actually put his dinner on it for him. He eats out of the pot, he buys himself fast food and eats off the wrappers, he microwaves a pizza on a paper towel and uses the box it came in to serve it. But an actual plate? NO WAY!

:laughing2 :laughing2
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how ya feeling Daniela?
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I finally found your phone number and will be calling you sometime tomorrow (Saturday) to see how you're holding up!
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Daniela, I hope you are feeling much better! I don't have your phone number, but you have mine, so if you need to talk, just call me.
We you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hi Ya Gals!!
Feeling just peachy keen. Have a little pain in my abdomen, but nothing bad at all. The worst thing right now is a darn cold that I am catching. UGH. I have a sore throat and its driving my nuts.
I'll look forward to hearing from you Donna. I won't be home from about 12-4 today though, I have to take my son to a bday party.
But hopefully you'll call before or after that.
And thanks Debby for being so kind. I will definitly give you a ring just to chat........probably this week if I can find some time to myself! Hard to do w/ the kiddies.
So, thanks again for asking Colby, and trust me I am taking it easy!!! I have about 15 loads of laundry backed up and I just don't give a darn!!
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