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Happy Birthday to the "Nino's"

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My Muddy Waters and Koko Taylor, and their adopted brothers Jake and Elwood will turn 2 on April 22. Since I will be out of town on vacation that day, thought I'd celebrate their birthdays a bit early.

I made them this tent last week for their birthday. Interesting that as I made it, Muddy sat near the sewing machine watching the entire time and Koko helped me put the poles on to stand it up. I kept telling both of them that it was for them. They rarely let anyone else in it.

They are my orphaned bottle fed babies. Their feral mom had them next to my front porch and was killed when they were 10 days old. They are entirely too spoiled but I don't care. We argue with our friends which ones of the pair are more spoiled. We're still undecided on that one. They got their names because "their momma died and now they have the blues".

I will see their 2 brothers on Monday when I drive to Denver to start my vacation. The folks that travel with us on vacation adopted Jake and Elwood. I made them a tent also.

They have a lot of nicknames: Collectively they are The Blues Kittens or The Nino's (named from our last trip to Puerto Vallarta together where everything we talked about had a spanish flair). Individually they are Mudbug, Lovebug, Mud-E, El-Muddo, Koko-nut, Koko-nutty, La-Koko-Nut, Jaka, Jacque, El-Jako, Elwoo, E, Woo, El-woodo.

Happy birthday my little Nino's!!

Muddy is in the back and Koko is in the front
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They are very cute!!! You sound like us. I don't know if our poor kitties know their real names, but they always respond to all of the nicknames we give them.

Happy Birthday!!!

Remember the house is yours when Mom and Dad are gone - PARRRRTTEEEE

Here are some Birthday fishes for you
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Happy birthday to them both!
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Happy Birthday!!!
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That tent is adorable! how did you make it?? Is there a pattern? I'd love to make one for shadow and finnegan.. hopefully theyd use it! lol

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Woohhoooo! Happy Birthday sweethearts!
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Advanced Happy birthday!
The tent is awesome! No wonder they love it!
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The tent was either a McCall's or Simplicity pattern. I changed the opening to give them more room to get in and out and added side windows. They will bat at their friends walking by thru the windows. The base is about 18" x 18" so lots of room for 2.

We leave for vacation early in the morning. I hate to leave them right now but have had these plans for close to a year now.
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Awesome Ill have to look for it! Have fun on your vacation!
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Have a nice vacation Amy!

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