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Feeling rather sad.

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9 weeks ago I was asked to hand raise 6 kittens. They were 2 weeks old at the time.

2 were rehomed at 6 weeks old. I cried. One we decided to keep.

By 10 weeks I was starting to get worried that I wouldn't find homes, and I would have to hand them back to the vets to rehome. This weekend they turned 11 weeks old.

Yesterday I dropped into the pet shop (for kitty litter) and there was a lady looking at the kittens, I mentioned I had 3 that needed homes. She followed me home and took my little Pepper for her elderly father who had recently lost his beloved cat. I bawled.

Today I got home and the phone was ringing. Did I still have any kittens? They wanted her to keep his girlfriend company as she was pregnant and unwell. They had worked in cat rescue before too. They came over 20 mins later and took my little Tabby. I bawled. The kids bawled.

40 mins later the phone rings again. Did I still have the little black and white kitten? She's coming over tomorrow to meet Pygmy and will pick her up in 3 weeks after her house guests leave.

I'm thrilled they all have wonderful homes, and they truly do. But gee its heart wrenching to see them go.
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I feel the same when i have to let them go , but always think off the joy the new person or family will get out off them , that i saved them and helpped them on the way , or they could be dead.But i do understand
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Naya you are so noble to do what you did in raising them and being the angel they needed for their start in the world. I would be in tears for weeks, but peaceful, happy, proud tears!!
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Thank you for being so loving and unselfish to let these other people enjoy the companionship of Pygmy, Tabby and Pepper! You did a great job being their foster mom and now they are going to make their own life with these new people. Think of all the happiness those kittens will bring to others!
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I've got three right now that are big enough to go up for adoption and I'm already getting sad and teary. I totally understand that feeling of missing them. I'm agree with vi04. Plus, I like to think about the ones I am going to save next. But I still miss the ones I say goodbye to.
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Aw I know you are feeling sad, but it is SO good that they got such loving homes.

Hugs to you!
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I know what you mean. It's so easy to get attached, especially the longer the cats are with you. Just try to think of how they benefitted from the love and care you gave them and how much joy they will bring to the new people in their lives. Thanks for all you do!
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My little kitties below were with me only a short time before I gave them up for adoption. I too went through the same as you and I felt blue for about a week after. I missed especially having this funny little guy around my feet at the kitchen sink all the time trying to climb up my leg.

Just treasure the joy they have given you and just think of how happy you have made their new owners for giving them a pet to love !
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i couldnt imagine giving up Maverick's kitten so i can see how hard this is for you. you've done such a good job, just be proud that you raised such a lovely litter
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