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Naming neighbourhood cats

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Does anyone else name the cats that visit their garden, that they don't know the real names of?

OK we aren't that creative, but it started with Sooty, a black stray who appeared a few years ago. We fed him till a neighbour took him in and called him Jack, to us he's still Sooty, Then there's one that's realy called Sooty, a tuxedo type, so we call her Sooty White paws. Then there's Big Ginger, and recently a Copy Sooty, (we thought it was the real one till we saw them together), and now there's MiniMe, an Oz look alike, although smaller.

A bit daft, but anyone else as daft as us?
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We had "Fat Cat" - we found out later his name is George.
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Lol! Three feral cats that inhabit the backwooded area:

Shed Cat - (may live under the shed) a brown tabby with whitish brown face, white neck, white paws, and back white leg, small ears, looks like a pixie-bob, and very cute

Shed Cat Imposter or Fake Shed Cat - we thought it was Shed Cat, but it's grey with a back white leg, small ears, cute, and definitely related to Shed Cat

Baby-Faced Cat or Prunella - my hubby named it Baby-Faced Cat, a very cute white cat with greyish cap, sides and tail, all white face and tiny, almond eyes, very petite and kitten-like.

The other neighborhood cats that we know are referred to by their owners' names like Anthony's Cat, Sara's Cat, etc..
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There has been this "stray" Siamese cat hanging around here for awhile now..I think of him as "Skyler". Probably because his beautiful blue eyes bring to mind a clear blue sky..only his are bluer.
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Yes! Guilty as charged! I call my neighbour's cat Furby because I can't pronounce his French name and he is a HUGE ball of fur. Then there's Manxy (because he's got half a tail) and now Tabby ... not very imaginative, but they don't seem to mind
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We had Puppy Dog and Josie II. They both got adopted out. Then Wills showed up, he's a keeper. And the wild cat who fights with Will. I was calling him the outside Festus, because he looks like our brown tabby girl Fest. But when I got mad at him for fighting with Will, I decided to name him Thomas. It's harder to be irrationally angry at a tom for fighting with another tom when he has a name!

And yes, they will both be getting fixed, Wills when I can afford it, and Thomas when I can trap him!

We even named the ferals we adopted from the foster agency. I'm sure they had been named by someone by the time we got them, but we renamed them Peaches-N-Cream, Captain Feathersword, and Jeff.
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When I lived at home, at my old house - when I had Disco (RB) - there were lots of cats I had names for! (we fed them all and everyone thought they belonged to us! including the people who eventually bought our house and had them hanging around outside!) Anyway, there was Electric - he was a British Black and had a meow like an electrical sound/synthesiser! He was all muscle, but as friendly and meowy as can be! Then there was Sylvester - he was a certain muscle kitty! He was pretty scared by humans, but accepting of me - he was a bit of a roughian/boxer hence the link to Rocky! Then there was Samantha - I was reading a book about two cats called Samantha and Tabitha (when I was small) and Samantha seemed to fit! She was the tiniest thing you've ever seen and had a broken pelvis and ribs (we took her to the vet because we were worried about her and didn't know if she was owned or not) she was my baby and as light as a feather!

I love to name neighbours cats - they don't seem to mind!
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My Dad names the neighborhood cats alphabetically-DJ, EJ, FJ. Several years ago, a family lived across the street with AJ and CJ the cats and BJ the dog. The family left AJ, which Dad and another family "adopted". I guess that's where his naming scheme started. There's also "Pumpkin's brother", a cat that looks almost identical to his Pumpkin.
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In Hawaii we had a cat we called Knatty Dread b/c the poor thing was so matted.When I moved to South Carolina I took in a cat I so originally named Stray.I tried to take him with me when I moved but he jumped out of the car window The new tennants took him in upon my request.There was another cat we called Bully b/c he beat up all the other neighborhood cats until my Kaya showed him who was boss!
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We have never had stray cats around us. If there was I wouldn't hesitate at taking them in!
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Wellington Cats, I stand corrected. I will no longer refer to homeless cats as "ferals." Feral cats are bobcats, mountain lions, and lynxes.

My message should read:

"Lol! Three cats that inhabit the backwooded area:"
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We had a cat whose daily path went through our backyard and we called him "Bell Cat" because he had a big bell on his collar. Fortunately, we don't have loose cats around (knock wood). We do name the bunny-rabbits that visit: Benjamin, Hyacynth, & Thomas.
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I used to live in missouri and there were stray cats EVERYWHERE O_O I had names for them all ^_^ Scar because he had a scar on his nose, mask because she had a black mask on her face, fluffy because she was fluffy, Momma and her babies 1, 3, 5,7, and 9 (which we couldnt catch!) winky (whos real name was Inky O_O) Rusty, Squeek, and Bob.
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