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Picutres of SunLee, my new little girl

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These aren't the best pictures, but here are some pictures of little Miss SunLee

Here's one with those wild demon eyes, where the flash just lights out the entire eye. I decided to show this one anyway, because you can see how graceful she looks. She has such a beautiful form, I think.

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Awwww Hope she is beautiful Congrats! Hi Miss SunLee what a beauty you are
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Miss SunLee is very beautiful!
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Isn't she a dainty little thing! She looks like she's getting comfortable in her surroundings, which is great.
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Hope, she's beautiful!!
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She's adorable!

But that last photo still gives me a bit of the chills.
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Bijou says to tell you she is gorgeous and he'd like to meet her.
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Hope she's a beauty!!! and looks very elegant!!
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Here's another picture of SunLee and now you can see her beautiful eyes.

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She is just beautiful!!! I love your new siggy, too!!!
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oh Hope, she is just BEAUTIFUL!!!
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what a beautiful girl. She sure looks like she turning into quite the explorer.
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Thank you for the compliments on her. Yes, indeed she is quite the explorer and I'm thinking she is going to give Simba a run for his money in the naughty department. I thought Simba was the climingest cat I'd ever seen. She's his equal, that's for sure. Truth be told, she's good for Simba. He has so much Bengal high energy, and he really didn't have anyone to play with before. Now he has SunLee.
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I like the newest siggy. It looks awesome!
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Thanks. I thought this was a better picture of SunLee so I thought I should use it, instead for my siggy.
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Hope, SunLee is gorgeous!
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Awww! I am so glad she is adjusting. She is gorgeous.
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She is very lovely Hope!
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ahaha.. i like the devil-cat in the last pic
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What a pretty girl, love your new siggy.
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Gorgeous kitty Hope! You must so happy!!!
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Hello Hope, thank you sooo much for share the pic´s of Sun Lee!
Welcome at the Site Dear Sun Lee!!

Milky to Sun lee---->you´re prettie beutiful chick my pleasure to meet you!
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Awww Hope she is beautiful and so elegant too . I love her name - good choice
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Hope, I agree! She looks very graceful and has such amazingly beautiful blue eyes!
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very sweet
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Ah Hope Sun Lee looks just like my Chynna girl. Even sounds like her what with the running and climbing and generally getting into things.

I am glad to see she is getting use to your place enough to feel comfortable. She is definitely a beautiful cat and looks great in your siggy too.
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What a beauty!
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What a pretty girl you have. Nice pictures of her too. Thanks for sharing.
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Hope... Miss Sun Lee is ever the beauty... And I just love the color of her eyes too.
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