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3-4 week old kitty uninterested in food

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Hello all, visited www.kitten-rescue.com before proceeding to post here.

I have a three to four week old kitty whom we rescued when she was about 1-week old. She has been eating really well until the past few days where she'd drink her milk (from the bottle) not as plenty as before. I don't think she has been eating her targeted CCs of milk daily. She'd cry, we give her the bottle, she'd suck 5cc and spit the nipple out. When we give her the bottle again, she'd chew enthusiastically on it, but never drink more. Is this a sign she's ready to wean?

Need some answers. Thanks!

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Could be, pour some formula in a small jar lid and set it in front of her. Dip your finger into the formula and dot some on her mouth- also give her a bit of canned food and see what she does- She is a bit young for weaning, but some just develop faster than others, if she doesn't eat that then get her to the vet for a check-up-=
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Thanks Hissy, will do that.
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You might also try nipping a bigger hole in the nipple .. i know sounds like heracy.. but when shadow was about 4 weeks she would NOT NOT NOT drink from a bowl .. she would ignore it and meow at me .. i tried dipping my finger in the formula and giving her a taste she would have none of it.. she chewed and chewed at her nipple though .. finally she chewed it so bad i had to pull part of it off so it would not be a choking hazard for her .. til she started eating and drinking from bowls she LOVED that .. even after she drank from bowls she would still meow like crazy at me for her bottle.. if we still had that nipple around i think she would be "hitting the bottle" even now when she is stressed

Ohh and i always watched to make sure she was not getting to much at a time and having bubbles out her nose .. she would sit there and suck and bite and lap .. but she sure would not lap from a bowl.
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I know this sounds strange but I started weaning my 5 week old kittens (as of today) about a week ago. I had to though so please do not jump on me. The kittens all had their teeth in and was making Samona completely raw and bleeding. I tried doing the glop mixture on here and they wanted no part of it, so I tried kitten chow soaked till smooth, nope none of that either. Three days ago when I put the litterbox in there to show them I noticed one tried to eat the litter. So I put down plain (not soaked) kitten chow and they all took to it and love it. Of course Samona is not liking this but she is staying away from the box more during the day and I will have her fixed in a week or 2 to not promote anymore kittens.

So if you think your kitten might have teeth try canned food, or dry food or even soaked food and see if any of those help.
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