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Anyone got their Xmas shopping started?

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I'm going to the city this weekend (Just me and hubby- no kids!! ) to get some more of mine done. I have no idea what to get Hubby . When he started his new job, and we had a little extra money around, we bought all the things we had been wanting. Any ideas ? Hubby loves computers, game systems ( he wants an X Box but I refuse to pay $600 for it!) and anything funny (ie joke gifts, books etc,) I swear, the older my kids get, the more expensive the toys get! My 4 year old wants a BIO bug, a remote control bug costing $70!!
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I've been doing my X-mas shopping for awhile now. I pick up things that remind me of my friends all year long and stick them in the guest room closet for X-mas. I'm not completely done, but I have made a big dent.

however I have a lot of shopping left for my clients and such at work.
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I have all the shopping done for my Step-Granddaughter Chenoa done. I just sent off her birthday package, she will be 5 Nov 24th.
I still have a lot to do though. Boy, son-in-laws and future son-in laws are difficult to shop for.

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I made this key hanger for my step-daughter. Her 8 kids are always grabbing for her keys, so maybe this will be help. Sorry about the glare.

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I have all mine DONE...yeah!!!
Lord 9 grandkids are going to put me in the poor house!!!!

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that is beautiful!

you did a wonderful job. I'm sure she'll love it.
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Well, I have a 5-year-old, so I've been picking up one or two items as I see them, if I ever manage to get out without her! There is a store around here called "Big Lots" which has some cool Barbie stuff at reasonable prices. We do stocking stuffers for her from the dollar store most of the time, too, since (frankly) she's still at the age where quantity is more of an issue than quality.

I prefer to go on a big buying spree around the 15th, but my budget doesn't work that way these days!
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I have done all mine (except my husband - but he drops not too subtle hints so i won`t have any trouble getting him something). But i usually leave everything to the last minutes, but now that i am living over here and my family is in New Zealand i have to get it done in October to get it there on time! I really don`t feel too christmasy atthat time of year, but it is done

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I never start my X-mas shopping till way after Thanksgiving. You could call me a procrastinator. Since I'm flying to Michigan for the holiday, it won't take much.
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I wish my boyfriend would drop hints!!

he's so hard to shop for and I always have trouble finding stuff for him.
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Hubby basically buys stuff he wants as he needs it - or wants it! So by Christmas, there isn't anything left to get him anyway! Plus it's his birthday Dec 8, so I have the same problem twice in less than 3 weeks! At least he usually gets me something good. {grin}
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