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Here's little KIA

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Here's the only girl in the bunch.
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beautiful! beautiful! beautiful!

she is soooo precious.

when do you take her home?
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I want her!
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Sorry but she's all mine! She still needs work, but she won't be coming home for at least another week or so, once she's tested for Aids and Leukemia. She, along with her brothers have already had their distemper shots. She'll be spayed at 5 months.

The photographer who downloaded the pictures is taking one of the boys. He's so excited. He's going to name him Chester.


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Oh, Donna!
Kia is so precious, and soooooooo cute!
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Cute cute cute!!
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Hi everybody!

Kia got a home along with her 3 brothers. That made me a very happy person. I wanted her so bad but knew that 7 was my limit. They turned out to be totally awesome kitties.
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