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Semi-feral babies

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I've been working to socialize four orphaned kittens left in a box at the pound. They are coming along beautifully and two of them have already been spoken for. Here's what they look like.

These are the three boys.
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Oh gosh - they make you melt don't they.......
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Nothin' like a cute little ball of orange fuzz :tounge2:
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could they be any cuter?!?!?!!?
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You are taking all three of them home aren't you? One can never have too many cats!
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What sweet little faces they all have - including the little girl!
I pray they will all have loving homes they deserve. Isn't socializing kitties a fun thing? I just love working with them!
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Socializing feral kittens is VERY rewarding. In one week they've come around so much. I just sit on the floor with them and whisper and kiss them. It's also very relaxing. The biggest boy, who at first hissed, growled and lunged at me, was purring in my arms this morning. So far two have been spoken for. But I know they will get good homes. They look like maine coon crosses complete with ear and feet tufts.

These guys are a bunch of the very few who have a great chance at a wonderful life.


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