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Gibby Meet World

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So, Gibby got a harness today, and was coping with it extraordinarily well.. so I put him on a leash... and he was still mostly cool with it (as long as the leash wasn't yanking him.) So i took him OUTSIDE. The REAL outside.. And I daresay he had a blast!

Me loving up my good, brave little boy!

Telling Daddy that he walks too loud on Pine Needles

Ahhh... Grass!

Mmm... Crunky!

What do you mean, Euw I'm green?!

Tomorrow Paige gets to go out with Gibby.. she was not ready today to deal with the harness.. and now, ladies and gentlemen.... I need a claritin.
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Awww Gibby's getting so big! And look how fluffy he is! How old is he now? Glad he liked the outdoors and I hope Paige does too (has she been outside before?)!
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Oh what lovely pics! It looks as though he is enjoying himself!
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He Lovede it! he is 10 months now!!! and he is soooo plush, you wouldn't believe it as for fun, h yeah... EVERYTHING is fun to master gibbs. I love him to death!

I think when Paige lived not with us, she was an indoor out door kitty, and has been known to escape.. maybe this way, if sh's allowed out on a lead, she'll get to touch grass and have fun like she wants to, butwithout getting lost or hurt!

Molly doesn't have an interest in the outside, and relly, I wouldn't want to fight with her about inside or outside times, so she will stay in
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Yeah, I'd LOVE to take Mik out on a harness... Gibby looked like he was TOTALLY loving it!
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He is a very handsome fella, as I am sure you know already.
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Too sweet! Looks like he had a GOOD ol' time out in the big blue yonder today!
We had Safari out on his harness for about an hour today while we worked in the garage. He was lovin' it!
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He's gorgeous, looks like he had fun. Good Luck with Paige tomorrow.
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That is so fun!! I bet he was just having a blast!!!
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Sure looks like a fun day!
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Awwww Pleased he enjoyed it Denise Was Gibby not scared at first?.

I've had Rosie and Sophie on a harness a few times in the summer but they want to be back in the house as soon as they hear a strange noise
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