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I'm really bored today. There's nothing on tv, It's raining cats and dogs, and I'm trapped here all day because there is a repair man coming to fix my broken washing machine. I've been on my new computer all morning but it's as bad as the TV.

What's everyone doing today?
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well, its 8.20pm here, so my day is over, and i'm just gonna start getting ready to go out

But today has been fairly boring to, horrible weather, mostly catchin up on house work etc

Just enjoy your time on here then
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Washing clothes. (For real! No sarcasm intended...)
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Originally Posted by mrsd
Washing clothes. (For real! No sarcasm intended...)
That's what I should be doing but my machine crapped out last Wednesday.
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It's almost 9:20 p.m. here, and I had a very busy day. I had to go bottle feed a kitten at 6 a.m.., went back to bed for an hour and a half afterwards, but then walked Jamie, did several loads of laundry, corrected essay tests, went back to the shelter so my vet could check out the kitten, made up some translation and correspondence tests, and cooked dinner. Tomorrow I have to go feed Timmi again at 6, but I'm basically going to relax afterwards, read the Sunday paper, play with Jamie, enjoy our niece and nephew's visit, etc..
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today, i had the excitement of the postman coming and delivering my clothes and stepper, at 1 we went to the optic shop and bf had to change lenses, then we had lunch i had a nice plate of hot chips and salad, then we went at a place and looked at cars but none interested me, then we went to walmart.
We came home i unpacked the groceries, i made a cappucino for a lovely lady at the kiosk, i was there for over an hour!
I came home and the guy downstairs was having a big party by him self and with alcohol, Bf got sick of it after 2 hours and called the police,
The landlords are happy because they have been chucking him out for 3 months now and he finally leaves in 4 weeks.
He slammed the doors so hard when the police left and the husbands landlord went mental at him and told him if he banged the door again he is going to call the police and he can sleep outside! Now all the commotion is done but what a day..
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I envy you
working at the office right now... ...
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Originally Posted by CoolCat
I envy you
working at the office right now... ...
Do you always work on Saturdays? Poor thing. At least you can check in here!
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Oh that doesn't sound like fun at all!

It's Sunday here and not even 9AM. I'm going out for the day. Lots of exciting things planned!
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Today has been busy but not really all that fun. Woke up at 7:15 to go work at the visitation center. We had a staff meeting first to get us all prepared and aware of a dangerous situation we have going on, and the person involved has his visit tomorrow. Yipee skippy! Then I headed straight to the Greyhound Pets of America to volunteer there but they didn't really have much for me to do so I left at 2 and headed back to my apartment. Then I went to lay out and only managed about 50 minutes as it's unusually breezy here today and was too chilly. Following that I had a quick nap since I was terribly exhausted. Now I'm here.

Left to do today is laundry, the second half of my project for a writing class, cardio work at the gym, and a nice hot shower. Lastly, Brendan will get here at about 11:30 after he gets off work and I'll get to snuggle up with him and have a nice nights sleep.

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I went out for breakfast, got my hair cut, stopped in at K-Mart, filled up my car with gas and hit the 99-cent store.

Back home, I threw in a load of laundry and came in here, to play video poker. Bill got home, around 12:30 and wanted to go get groceries, today. My second load of laundry is now in the dryer, Bill is going to gril burgers for dinner and I can goof off, the rest of the day.

Tomorrow, I think that we are going to see the traveling Vietnam Veteran's Memorial. It is in Tucson, this weekend and Bill wants to see it. We'll probably never make it to Washington D.C., to see the original so this will have to do. Bill wants to look for some friends' names on there. I'm fortunate - I don't know anyone whose name is there.
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Thanks for all of your responses. I'm still waiting for the repairman, could be two more hours. Hubby is home now and playing on his computer. My kitties are in love with my notebook but unfortunately their fur is sticking all over it, static I guess. More later.
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Cleaning house and grocery shopping. I really dont like grocery shopping but havent been in 2 weeks, had to. My husband is coming home today, he's been gone to Florida for a week and the week before that in S. Carolina. He is part of a training team that trains troops to go to Iraq. ,

Fwan, you have Walmart in Germany? Thats nice! Wonder if its like the Walmart here in the U.S. I really miss Germany.

Got to go make dinner, now that the pantry is full I have no excuses!
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Cats love laptops!

My baby and me just got home from doing errands. I bought me an interview outfit for an interview I have on Monday and we went to the library. Now I want to pick up the house and clean the bathroom (I have a new awesome Shabby Chic shower curtain to put up that is going to make that bathroom dreamy!). The baby just screamed himself to sleep (he was too tired but he's refusing to take a nap, poor little guy) so I should be able to do some of that now.

DH won't be home till tomorrow because they've got him on one of those all weekend overtime jobs.
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Had a lazy morning, finished cleaning up last night's dishes -- we had company, and an already partly full dishwasher, so some of it had to wait for the second load this morning -- then brunch around noon, up to post office to pick up a parcel, TCS time, laundry, some garden chores, more TCS time, and in half an hour we leave to take my Dad out for his birthday dinner. We won't be late getting home, and then probably a little more TCS time, though there is some computer housekeeping I've been putting off for a while, and had better get at soon...

Tomorrow, church in the morning, and otherwise, more of the same, minus the laundry. Hope your repairman doesn't keep you waiting too long and gets you sorted out quickly!!
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