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How many of you have semi-vegetarian cats?

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This isnt really a behavior "problem" But my cat elliot just LOVES fruits and some vegetables. He rarely eats any meat if we give it to him (though he eats his catfood well enough) His favorite fruits are mandarin oranges ^_^ He could eat like ten of those things! He also likes peas and green beans, and expecially corn. If I put a plate of turkey, corn, and mandarin oranges on the floor, the turkey would most likely go untouched! Does anyone else have cats that prefer fruits and vegetables? I think its the cutest thign in the world. My kitten preffers meat though! Its not bad for them to eat fruits and vegetables is it? Usualy its just a treat like when I buy a can of peaches or something Ill rinse them off and give him some O_O Maybe he just prefers live meat, because if there's a mouse in the house, Elliot will get it somehow! (though we dont necessarily LIKE him eating the mice, but yeah.) Once we put a trap behind the door that holds the heater, and the mouse got caught in the trap (one of the no kill ones with the stickyness) My cat dragged it out somehow and ate the mouse O_O So much for the no kill trap eh?
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My three and my foster all fight over lettuce and spinach. The foster will gather all the lettuce and spinach together and not let anyone near it. My big siamese has pumpkin with every meal, mostly for the fiber. Besides that he normally stalks and kills bananas, tomatoes, and garlic. He'll leave them outside my bedroom door if he's "killed" them while I'm sleeping or leave them on the back door mat if he got to them while I was out of the house. I used to feed raw vegetables to my oldest cat...don't see any problem with doing it now.
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I know someone who's cat eats apples. strawberries and melon in addition to cat food.
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Just do not feed grapes or raisins to your kitties...they are poisonous to them.

Here are two articles you may enjoy reading on cats and fruit:
Fruit and Cats #1
and Fruit and Cats #2

There are other parts of fruits that are poisonous - check a good and thorough list of poisonous plants to know which (i.e. apple seeds are poisonous, as are peach pits and wilted peach leaves).
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I had one cat who loved carrots, cooked or raw, and another who went for tomatoes in any form. Persil likes peas.
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Kandie loves blueberries....
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My friends cat Skiffie eats absolutely any food, and I do mean ANYTHING. Since Skiffie was once mine I have told them to keep her on a strictly dry cat food diet, they were wondering why she was getting the runs!
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another odd thing that both my cats like to eat is yogurt.. you cant open a container o fyogurt in this house without taking two dishes with you to give them some in O_O Seriously, they wont leave me alone whatever I do xD but I dotn mind it :P
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Every cat I have ever had has loved yogurt = dairy.

We had one cat that loved veggies more than anything, especially potatoes and watermelon.
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