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My BIG angel hates my little angel...

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I have a female cat named LILO that is a year old. She is like my daughter. I love her so much. Everyone picks on me because of the way I speak to her and because of the way I spoil her.
Well we decided to get another kitten 3 days ago. It is male (his name is Garfield) and he is 8 weeks old. Garfield loves Lilo. He tried to play with her but she doesnt want anything to do with him.
I have to add that when I got LILO we also took her brother STITCH home too. They were so cute playing together and just seeing the love two cats can have for one another was amazing. But STITCH got hit by a car about 6 months after we had them.
LILO mourned him for about 2 weeks and finally was ok again. But she has been more serious since then.
But now she is VERY serious. She doesnt physically fight him but she hisses at him. I know it is still new to her to have another cat around but will she recover? Also I found out today she will have kittens in about 3 weeks. Could this be adding to her behavior towards the new kitten?
Any advise is a help. Thanks
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If she is pregnant keep the kitten away from her. The kitten will only stress her out. Also three days is not enough time to introduce two cats together, you should keep them separated until they decide its time to meet and not push them together. Are you going to have room for all the new additions, or should you perhaps consider spaying Lilo now and just keeping it to two cats?

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Well... if I spayed LILO now I would have to abort the kittens. I don't believe in that. At all. Besides, I grew up with alot of animals around and witnessed a mother cat giving birth to baby kittens. And it was amazing to me. I want my 2 girls to expirience it also. After she has these kittens I plan on fixing her and then Garfield once he is of age. My mom has a huge fenced in yard and she LOVES cats as well. She plans on taking some of the kittens. And I do plan on keeping the rest. A cat lover can never have too many cats right? hehe
Well yes I guess they could!!
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Oh they can very easily. After she gives birth be sure and keep her indoors because she will go into heat and try and escape and come back pregnant again. Based on your beliefs and values, then you will have to face providing for another litter of kittens. Nothing wrong with that, just a warning of something to watch out for. When I was growing up we had one cat that kept having kittens all the time. There was nothing ever said about spaying and neutering, because back then, it was NOT an issue. It is, however an issue today, and why when someone dumps a pregnant cat off here for me to rescue, I take her in and get her spayed unless she is getting ready to drop kittens in 24 hours. Because, it is, a big issue in today's world.
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Oh yes, I agree with you. Thank you for letting me know about how easy it is for her to get pregnant again. I will be sure to keep her inside until she is finished feeding the kittens. How long do they feed the kittens for anyways?
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