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re-selling used cat bedding?

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i went to a local pet store and got my cats a bed on impulse. the salesperson said that satisfaction was 100% guaranteed; that i could return the bed if the cats didn't like it. i figured they would send it back to the manufacturer if returned, and that they don't get very many returns like that.

i ended up getting them another bed someplace else that they liked more (they seemed to be afraid of the first one), and went ahead and returned the first one. i went into the same store about a week later, and saw what i am certain was the same bed for sale (it was an unusual color and had appeared irregular in size compared to the rest, like the one i had gotten).

i clearly explained when i returned it that the cats had been in it playing around in it initially, and that i had put catnip under the foam padding. my cats are black, and the black hairs were visible on the white bedding area when i returned it.

isn't this violating some kitty health code or something? ashley had calicivirus, and it can travel on fabric from cat to cat. i didn't even think to explain about that, since i had no idea they would actually put it up for sale again.

is it just me, or is that strange? i didn't want to mention it to the salespeople when i was there since they had several other customers in the store. it's a small local business.
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No, it isn't exactly legal to put a used item up for sale as new. They should not do that unless it was returned unused in it's original packing..or in the case of a bed bought loose, unused.

I'd mention it to the store manager if it's still out on the shelf, it needs to be pulled, and they need to have a talk with the employee who put it back out for sale after the return!

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