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No No Bad Kitty!

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I can't find a thread by this name. I searched. I could have sworn there was one. Anyway maybe they can be merged if found.

Here's what I came down to this morning. Mama looking at me as if it is perfectly O.K. to lay on the kitchen table. That white speaker thing on the table is a speaker for the bird microphone I have next to the feeder. I turn it on and it drives the kitties a little nutty

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Mama!! Naughty girl!

She's looking at you as if to say "Look at me, aren't I cute?"
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Awwww Mama is so purrty even if she is being a bad girl I love her markings
post #4 of 16, I mean baad kitty. I dont know how you can possibly keep the cats from jumping up on anything so I dont even bother.
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Ha ha ha, yes, that look DOES look if "what, why are you STAREING at me?" Jasper trys that quite a bit before reluctantly getting off of the table. She is a pretty one, even if she is being a "naughty" girl. ;-)
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Thanks, everyone I think she's a pretty girl, too. I'm a little prejudiced though because she's mine
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Lol! Oh she's adorable!
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Lovely cat
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My cats have always been trained to stay off counters or tables. They were very well trained too! They knew quite well that the counters and tables were off limits ... as long as there were people in the room .
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I think you meant to post it in the APril contest??
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Yep add it to the contest! Beautiful cat-
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that's a great idea - for the cat to listen to the birds
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I do love her markings!
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Hey pretty girl, she looks so beautiful.
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Mama, has Petals been teaching you her bad habits???
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Meggie owns the house, doesn't she? You pay her the mortgage!
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