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Originally Posted by babygirl
I have 3 and I regret two of them.
Same here.

One is the symbol for happiness, I regret that it was done so poorly (fading already). The other is a pink daisy... I love IT but I don't like that is in the middle of my back and can be seen by everyone (the only one that can be seen). I also have a butterfly which I think is cute but I think it's more on my butt than on my lower hip. How embarassing.

Oh and I used to have my belly button pierced and I regret that because now that I took it out, I have a scar there.

So I will never look good in a bathing suit.
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Originally Posted by RoyalEnchntrss
lol i know exactly what you mean!! I liked when he was going over the spine and it vibrated my whoooole back haha
Eww I hate that part. Freaked me out.

I don't have a high pain tolerance (I think) and I survived. Some parts were worse than others but never to the point that I thought I was going to pass out or something... I thought that when he outlined was the worst... it felt like he was cutting my skin with a knife.
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I actually had more pain from getting my tongue pierced and my belly button than any tattoo. The tongue was the worst for me and I was a baby about it.
I have my belly button pierced twice and love it!!
The tat's didn't hurt but they stung for a little bit. I think healing is more aggrevating than getting the tat.
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yea I have A tattoo of a cat
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haha i know! I think the outline is the worst and its supposed to be the coloring thats bad?! i dont get that. thats the fast part!
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I just caught this thread, I have been busy today. Going back to the question on tattooing over a scar. My s/o is a tattoo artist with 20 years experience, and I asked him about it. He said kind of a rule of thumb is the scar must be 1-2 years old at least, must not be raised, and must have softened. It is really on a case by case basis. Some scars can be successfully tattooed over and just be less noticeable, some can be completely covered. He has one that has been completely covered unless it is pointed out. It will likely be more painful over the scarred area, but some people say not. The most imortant thing is to go to a very experienced artist that is willing to sit down and discuss it honestly with you. A good, ethical artist will refuse to do it if it is not feasible, and a weaselly, unethical will do anything for money. Most will have pics if they have ever done a big piece over a scar, but they may not if it has just been small stuff.
I have a bunch of tattoos, about 40% coverage, but it cannot be seen in my regular clothing, jeans and t-shirts or scrubs. One of my favorites is a head of a gray tabby cat with a collar of flowers.
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That sounds AWESOME! I'd love to see a pic of the grey tabby tat.

I would like to get a cat... just the tats I have now I got at 18 and they weren't done for the right reason. So now it's going to cost thousands to get them removed. I like tats though... my last boyfriend had a whole bunch on both arms and I liked most of them.
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I was hoping you would see this thread, because I remembered that you had some tattooing experience.
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my friend has a few over some scars.. she was a cutter so she put a daisy over a few of them. It doesnt look too bad but its got some uneven color.
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I'm working on the ideas of 3 tattoos right now. 2 I will be going to New York to get done because this certain shop is women only artists and one specializes in faeries. The first tattoo will be a faerie on the inside of my hip bone, next will be a tropical type flower on the side of my buttocks (I don't know how to explain where it is, not on the butt, but on the side kind of). The last one I am thinking of is a black cat that looks a bit like our baby Brutus who passed away a few years ago, he will be in an outside environment with his paw up swiping at a butterfly. I'm waiting until I lose weight to get them done. I can't wait though, it will be exciting. I've been thinking about what tattoos to get for years.
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Great tatts, peeps!
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Originally Posted by berylayn
I got a pic of mine earlier today. Here is my Pisces tattoo:

that is the most beautiful tattoo! i'm a pisces, and i have three kids and have each of their horoscope signs tattooed on me, gemini, taurus, and sagittarius, when they're visible they confuse people...they always say "oh are you a gemini?" and i say no i'm a pisces and i have to explain, i love tattoos and am totally addicted but i won't lie they hurt!
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No tats myself.....the only thing I think I'd consider getting would be the Dave Matthews Band "firedancer" or kitty paws....but I'm too fickle for even those to be inked on me!
Bradley's getting a tattoo really soon though, to celebrate getting his boat captain's license! He's getting a compass rose on his shoulder (so he'll never lose direction). I think it'll look so sexy on him! Grrrrrowl!
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Well I have one tatt. Its praying hands with a ribbon around them that says "In memory of Melissa" Melissa was my friend who died in 1998 at the age of 18. Here is a pic, sorry its the best I can do.
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Just only can I Added at this post... Friends you have a big Courageous!

Don´t have Tatoo ´cause I HATE the Neddles
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i though that too, but honestly it doesnt even look like a needle?!
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Originally Posted by cazx01
i though that too, but honestly it doesnt even look like a needle?!
I agree with you and more when the Tatto is put "when the Back loose their nobleman name "... ...
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