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I don't know how much coverage the trial in Angers, France, is getting in North America, but you all might be interested in reading about it. I'll copy the story, because the link won't work for most of you outside Europe:
Europe | France
"A Town Called Angers
How one community in rural France is coping with allegations of systematic sexual abuse of children

APPALLED: The French have been shocked by the alleged involvement of mothers in the abuse
Sunday, Apr. 17, 2005
Angers embodies everything the world loves about France. Water gushes from stone cherubs on its Beaux Arts fountains as mothers sit in the sun, watching their small children spin gleefully on a painted carousel, to the sounds of My Boy Lollipop. Picture-perfect vineyards announce the town's current prosperity; a Gothic cathedral and 13th century chateau commemorate its noble past. Just 265 km from Paris, the gateway to the bucolic Loire Valley, Angers offers four museums, a feast of theater and music, and canoeing on nearby Maine Lake. "This isn't the overcrowded Paris suburbs," sniffs Angers' deputy prosecutor Hervé Lollic. "This is a place of fine wine and history; calm and quiet." The official town website boasts that this is an excellent place to raise a family, too.

Yet what occurred here between 1999 and 2002, years when surveys named Angers as one of the best places to live in France, has horrified the nation. In what could become the biggest French criminal proceeding ever, 39 men and 27 women went on trial last month for involvement in a massive prostitution trade of 45 children — many of them their own. At least 26 men and 13 women are accused of directly prostituting and raping girls and boys, some of whom were still in kindergarten. Prosecutors say that over three years, some 21 couples traded their children for cash, groceries and, in one case, a new car tire. According to prosecutors, Marine V., a pretty blond girl who's now 9, was just one of the victims. She was allegedly raped by about 30 men, including neighbors, uncles, her father and grandfather. Marine's mother acted as banker, allege prosecutors, collecting envelopes full of cash.

In their small voices, the children's excruciating account of their nightmare was shown in videotaped testimonies in the courtroom last week. Sucking her thumb at times, Marine V. described playing sexual games of "doctor" with visiting men. The children's details of their long ordeal are almost unbearable to hear. But equally disquieting are the apparent failures of the French social system: police failed to protect the children from nearly three years of abuse, and did not act when social workers warned of possible pedophilia. And France's prisons could not apparently rehabilitate those accused men who had already served time for pedophilia; they resumed their crimes after they were released on probation. "This is a national problem," says Mathieu Garnier, director of the president's office for the local Maine and Loire council. "All French society needs new systems to be more efficient and new means to treat people sentenced for sexual crimes."

The details of the abuse are horrifying enough, and the tales of mothers as pimps and sexual assailants are especially disturbing. Thirteen of the women on trial are charged with raping boys under 15 and organizing child prostitution. "In France, a woman is always thought of as a mother, so it's almost impossible to think of her sexually assaulting children," says attorney Monika Pasquini, who is defending one of the women on trial. As the revelations have unfolded in Angers' newspapers, the townsfolk have absorbed the shock quietly. "For the moment, there is little feeling of scandal, but that could emerge as the trial goes on," says Yves Durand, a local journalist.

In a courtroom specially constructed for the trial at a cost of about €1 million, the accused sit silently listening as witnesses and prosecutors recount how some of the women helped their husbands organize a steady flow of customers to have sex with their daughters, sons, nieces and nephews. In their defense, many of the women have testified that they, too, were victims of incest, abused as children by alcohol-soaked men at home. Marine V.'s mother Patricia claims she was raped as a small girl by the man who acted as her father at home. Veronique R., 42, who allegedly traded her young son for sex, said she left home at 14 after being assaulted and beaten by her brothers and alcoholic father. "What are the qualities of a good mother?" a judge asked her. "To protect her son," Veronique mumbled, choking on tears.

Many of the assaults took place in an apartment in the gleaming modern development of Angers' Saint Léonard neighborhood, a magnet for young professionals. Residents spend afternoons at the Angers Tennis Club and children ride their bicycles along manicured pathways. To avoid the formation of impoverished ghettos in Angers, the city's socialist officials have for years settled low-income families like that of Franck V.'s among far wealthier residents, and heavily subsidized their rent. Franck and Patricia conducted their trade from their three-bedroom apartment in a four-story building on Rue Maurice Pouzet. Customers came and went, but the neighbors never pried. Now, there is a sense of shame among residents at having failed to notice the nightmare in their midst."

The second page at the site currently isn't working, but I'll check it again and try to post the continuation. It's all so horrific.
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wow, that is insane. I just found a story on CBS news- http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2005/...in677941.shtml I hadn't heard anything about this until I read your post. I've heard of similar things happening in neighborhoods and churches(non-Catholic) in the US. It's amazing how systematized this all is.
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Originally Posted by Rockcat
Heres the problem with capital punishment: Many victims are relatives of their offenders. UNFORTUNATELY, they can be parents, grandparents, siblings, etc. They will be less likely to report the crime if they know the molester will be killed.

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Originally Posted by byclops

I really don't believe there is such a thing as "one time offenders" and the only way to STOP this vicious cycle is to isolate these people from society.

(just my opinion!!!)

How many more times do we have to hear about a convicted pedophile who grabbed a child after serving his/her sentence, or when on parole? I get so tired of it. I truly don't think these people can be rehabilitated. I say lock them up and keep them there.
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When talking of Pedophiles red hot coals and needle nose pliers come to my mind as a way of punishing them Use the imagination here as to what could be done with those two objects listed above.
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Originally Posted by blondiecat
When talking of Pedophiles red hot coals and needle nose pliers come to my mind as a way of punishing them Use the imagination here as to what could be done with those two objects listed above.

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Capital punishment. Thats how I feel and it wont change. sadly I grew up 3 doors down from one of the largest pedo's in my state.
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Courts will determine the extent of the culpability of the offender, much as is done now in murder cases, and when "especially heinous and aggravated" is used to describe the offfence, then I think the person should get a LIFE sentence but serve only 1 day. (which should be the rest of his/her life)

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We must break the cycle, by eliminating the perps. I say lock them away forever. Capitol punishment is too controversial, let them stay locked up forever, no chance of parole. Current levels of punishment are too low.

For those who have had to deal with being victims, I wish I could give you a big hug! That is an awful thing to go through, and it is hard for a little kid to make sense of. But many people do heal. I'm not saying it is easy, or it doesn't leave scars. But I have a dear friend who was molested as a child, and while she has her ups and downs, she is a great person, and I am happy to be her friend. And she would rather die than harm a kid!

I work in mental health, and have met some people who are just destroyed by the level of abuse suffered as a child. It is as if all that is beautiful inside them is gone, and they are just an empty shell. Or they repeat the abuse, by having abusive partners. It is just a shame.
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Originally Posted by Beckiboo
It is as if all that is beautiful inside them is gone, and they are just an empty shell. Or they repeat the abuse, by having abusive partners. It is just a shame.
I found out fairly recently that a guy I knew when we were both teenagers (who was sexually abused when he was 6) is now a child molester. I know that this is not uncommon, but I don't understand why. Can anyone here explain that?
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Many many years ago, I lived in a trailer park for about 6 months, and there were some low-income people there, and one little girl, she was perhaps 7 or 8, was allowed to run around the park wearing only panties and they, as well as she, were dirty and unkempt.

I met a woman at a party who worked for DCS (Department of Children's Services) and I told her about the child and voiced concern for the safety of the little girl, and the woman blasted me, "There are phone numbers you can call for that ! ! I hear that crap all day long, I am here to have fun, not listen to what I have to hear at work ! !".

I did nothing, and a few months later the girl was raped. I don't know the particulars, but I know I felt bad and still regret doing nothing.

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