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Recent pics of my two babies!

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I call this one "Kitty Butts":

Safari having some fun with a Circuit City bag. (Don't worry - he was supervised the whole time! )

Kitty fight! (Petoskey got a "lion cut" shave a few weeks ago)

"HEH HEH HEH!! I actually WON this kitty fight!! VICTORY!!"

"Well, the fight's done. Now what do we do to entertain ourselves? Ho hum."

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Super cute pics!!! I love Petoskeys Lion Cut!
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LOL they are adorable!!! I want a bengal!!!! *CRIES* I love the victory fight pic! haha
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Awww, they are both gorgeous, I love the last pic.
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Ha ha ha!!!! Love the lion roaring pic! Too funny.
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Funny captions!
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Those are really great pictures!! I like the roaring kitty picture!!
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I couldnt stop laughing at that orange kitty!!! its soo cute
Good to know she was supervised in the plastic bag
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great pictures!! love Petoskeys Lion Cut and his victory roar

great captions - thanks for sharing
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Omg these pictures are a scream! I love the first one!
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OMG...."kitty butts" is hysterical!! that is one well placed cat tree, huh

I'm a fan of the lion cut as well too cute!!
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Oh my gosh, those are such cute pics. Love the captions too. I've never seen a lion cut, but I love it LOLOLOL
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cute pics!!!
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I love Safari in the bags. Our cats go wild over the bags. Someone told me that they spray the bags with a microscopic amount of sterilized fish oil to alleviate the static. Don't know if it is true or not but it makes a great story and explains a lot.

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Wenzee these are great. I love the victory roar picture. Makes one think of the Africian Plains with a gorgeous lion in the middle of it
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wow - a lion & a tiger!
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aw! those pictures are SOOOO incredibly cute!!! I love the lion cut!!!
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