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A cat and his collar

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My cat Kaya is my only cat to wear a collar ( they are all indoor and hate collars) When Kaya was little he went outside so he had too wear one.Now he feels like a bigshot b/c he gets one and noone else does. Every few months I buy him a new one to make him feel special.They all have one thing that noone else likes so I will bring it home for them so they all feel loved.So I bring Kaya home this adroable collar with a bow tie and a bell on it. Well now the little brat walks around kicking his collar and ringing the bell when he wants affection or food.If I ignore him he gets right in my face and starts kicking the bell. Last night I forgot to fill the food bowls before I went to bed so he started meowing and kicking the bell,of course I wasnt having this at 2:00 am so I took his collar off and threw it across the room, He went over picked up the collar jumped back up on the bed and with his mouth was try TO WRAP IT BACK AROUND HIS NECK! Its alittle snug too b/c its not adjustable ( kind of stretchie) and he freeks when I take it off meowing and throwing a fit ... Has anyone heard of such a thing he's hilarious?!
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He feels nakes without his collar!
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Kaya is a spoiled kitty!
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My dog has the same problem at bath time.... we were her third home
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What a smart kitty!!!
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Hahahah that's adorable!!! Mine wear collars as they're identical and extremelu difficult to tell apart, but we often replace them, and the old ones become they're favorite toys
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