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Time for birth?????

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Well it seems like shes never going to have them!!!! She seems to have lost interest in food and is starting to be a bit short with me. I guess this means she could deliver soon??? I havent seen anything come out yet so i'm not sure what do you think a day? thanks in advance for any help!!
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It is hard to say because each cat is different. Some get real affectionate, while others get aggressive, some eat right up to the first contraction while others stop eating 24 hours before the first kitten is born. It isn't a cut-and-dried procedure to predict. I would just put her in a room with a choice of nesting boxes and check on her periodically-
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i know the felling i'm dying for my mikayla to have kittens!!!
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Keep us updated! Like Mary Anne said each cats behaviour varies so much, you really can't tell. Good luck.
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Well nothing yet, i've been checking on her every hour trying to sit with her and talk to her. I'm still trying to gain her trust as shes a stray that was dropped off at my house les then a week ago so were still learing about each other. I just hope once she has them she'll trust me enough to be with them and check them!!! Shes been abused in the past so i know shes going to be a bit scared!!! But i will keep posted im hoping sometime this weekend as i have it off!!! thanks for the support!
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Well i checked in on her and her blanket has some blood on it, so i'm assuming that means soon?? Shes ok right its just the pre birth stuff??? she expelled it sometime this morning and its now like 6 so if she doesnt start birthing soon do i get worried?? thanks
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Jenn it would be the plug-

Is she having any contractions?
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No not that i can tell yet. Shes just in her nesting area's being kind of grouchy. Then again she bit my friend the other day who has spent just as much time with her as i have, i just hope once the kittens come she'll allow me to help her and not bite me, i've only had her a week so our bond isnt there and she was abused so she is not a very trusting cat.
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well she started having her kittens and i went to check on the first one and she ate the arm off??????? will she do this to all of them??? how to i stop it i'm freaking out!!!!!!! please!!!!!!
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we have another dead one i think they are all dead they are comming out with no fur making no noise nothing!!!!! very very small too how do i know??
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The only thing you can do is let her deliver them and if they are born alive, take them away from her right now. Put them in a warm place- use the tips on www.kitten-rescue.com to keep them warm and get them fed, but prepare yourself for the possibility they may not survive. Apparently she knows something is wrong and she is trying to do something about the ill ones- I am sorry you have to deal with this. Take the dead ones and wrap them up carefully in a newspaper and place them somewhere out of the way for now and see if she has any live birth kittens.
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ok thanks she just delivered a third with fur her first one with fur but he was sooo small and not breathing so far 3 of 3 are dead i just hope its not me??? i mean they were sick and didnt develop right??? or did i do something wrong???? i'm sooo confused!!!!!!
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Oh dear ... Hissy has given you excellent advice. I'll be online a while so we are here if you need us.
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You didn't do anything wrong, dear - sometimes this just happens - nature is a quirky b*tch. Please don't hold yourself responsible.
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You did nothing wrong. If she was put outside and got pregnant by a local tomcat he could have passed something to her kittens, or these kittens were just premature and she is aware that something is dreadfully wrong. Don't get upset that she started to get rid of one, in her mind she is trying to keep her family save and get rid of anything that brings predators to her nest. It doesn't matter that she is safe inside your home, she still is driven by instinct.

Please get her spayed after this is over for her. And do not let her outside, losing all these kittens will automatically throw her into a heat cycle and if she gets out, she will get pregnant again.

You said these kittens have no hair? If they have no hair they are way to early to come on teh scene, and unless you are really skilled at stimulating, and tube feeding premature kittens, it is doubtful they will survive. I'm sorry, I just don't sugarcoat things-
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Kali, I am going to merge your threads together. The subject line is a bit shocking for some of our members so merging them will just put the whole story together.
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Also in reading the entire thread, you said she has been abused. That could be why this is happening, it depends on the nature of the abuse, but again, please get her spayed after this nightmare is over for both of your sakes.
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ok thanks i need the reassuring because its pretty tough to have to see this, i just didnt expect it but i knew i had no idea what had happened to her before this last week that i had her. She already has an appt i got it for her as soon as she came into my care to get spayed shoted tested ect. now what will happen if she doesnt have any alive??? will the milk go away??? how do i know when she's done having them??? thanks again
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I would call your vet and talk to him. That is what they get the big bucks for. But your vet needs to know this is happening, and he can advise you best as to what to do, and how to tell when she is done. How is she doing now?
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I am very very sorry that you have to deal with this and i wish you all the best. Is she done yet? Hopefully, one will survive. My cat is having kittens soon, so this all kind of scares me. Hope this does not happen. Good Luck and please remember that you did nothing wrong.

All the best,
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right now shes curled up in the fetal position and kneeding the blanket with her paws its been about an hour and i havent seen another one is she done? i dont want to leave her because i dont want her to keep giving birth to dead ones and then eating them. i've tried my vet no one is there so i have to try another one i live in the country so it takes a good long time to even get to one. i just dont know if its over or not!!
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Is she passing the afterbirths? There are vets you can access online, but you need a credit card in order to call them. I am sorry, but I generally deal with orphaned kittens, even preemies, but the momcat is usually not in the picture- I do not want to give you the wrong information here. I would put her on new bedding though, to help get rid of the smell of the young ones she lost- I am so sorry-

If you want the link to the online vets let me know?
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yea please i'd like the links as a last resort becuase i need anything i cant get. she seems to just be sleeping now is that unusual in the middle of birth? her stomach still feels hard ect but i'm not sure. im just at a loss for what to do, there isnt much i can do to help her keep going she looks tired or sick or something!! jeez i'm just overly tired and i have to work in 6 hours!!! well wish us luck!
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Oh I do wish you luck, and her too-

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It isn't unusual for Momma cat to rest a bit between deliveries. Is she looking for the babies at all? Did she also pass the placentas with the babies? Did she eat them?

I know this is just horrible for you and please believe me when I tell you that I share your pain and horror. I know you plan on having this girl spayed, so I won't go into all of that other than to say I think it is an excellent idea.

Offer Momma some water and see if she takes it ... is she responding at all to your touch? Does she feel hot to you? Do you really feel in your gut she is sick or is she just resting? Do you have a vet ER clinic nearby you?

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How is mom today? And how are you? Did you get any sleep at all?
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Oh how sad, I'm so sorry you have to go through this, but I am sure you did everything you could, you are in my thoughts and also the babies and Mommy Cat
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Oh how awful, to have to go through this-

Give us an update when you can.
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well i got an hour of sleep and had a whole day of work. she didnt have any other kittens though, i believe that she is done. now is it possible that she delivered the dead kittens and will go into labor again for the ones who might be alive sometime later like a day or so??? is this un heard of??
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It isn't unheard of it - but she had three kittens so I doubt she will be having any more. Is she still really large?
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