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help me ladies

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Please help I have the worst stomach ache and nausea, I have gotten sick twice already Anyone have any home remedies for an upset stomach?
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No home remedies from me, but I sure hope you feel better soon!
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
No home remedies from me, but I sure hope you feel better soon!
.... I´m not lady, but just only can wish you have a soon recovery...
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I used to suck or chew (gently! Bad for your enamel) on crushed ice. It keeps you hydrated and gives you something in your mouth besides the awful taste that usually goes with an upset stomach event . . .
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Sipping room temperature Coke is supposed to ease an upset stomach.
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Ginger Ale helps settle the stomach, Vernor's brand if you can find it. And a simple diet. For babies, you use the BRAT diet: B=bananas, R=rice, A=apple juice, T=toast (no butter!). Basically clear liquids, anything you can see through. Chicken broth. No dairy products.

It might be the stomach flu, and just needs to run its course. But the fluids will help you get better soon.
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Warm, flat ginger ale.
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Chamomile tea, not too hot. Chamomile is known for soothing stomachs and nerves.
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half-n-half mixture of sprite and orange juice- sip it slowly

Or just about a half of capful of apple cider vinegar in a glass of cold water- sip it slowly

Acidolpholous tablets- one at the onset of nausea
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Depends on what's making you feel this way - an intestinal bug? Anyone you know of been sick lately? Or something you ate?

When I feel this way, it's usually because I ate something I shouldn't have (many food intolerances due to intestinal adhesions).

You may have to let it runs it's course, but if you are vomitting too much or are not getting better, seek medical attention. You can become dehydrated and might need fluids.

Try small sips of gingerale.

Hope you feel better soon.
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I don't know if this will work for serious illness, but for fairly minor upset stomach/feeling ill, peppermint works for me. Peppermint tea, or in a pinch, sucking on a peppermint breath mint or hard candy. I know, it sounds strange, but it works.
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i lay down in bed and try to go to sleep that usually works for me.
If i have an upset tummy like my body rejects high quantatives of milk, pesto and most oily things i will go t the bathroom and make my self chuck, because i cant stand the pain in my belly let alone go through the whole process on the way out...
Wrap your self in a warm blanket drink some hot water and go to sleep.
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Hope you are feeling better soon!
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Thanks everyone I'm still feeling yucky today,we had to leave the museum b/c I am still sick,I did drink some chamimile tea with some catnip in it , thats right catnip ( I read this somewhere) and I didnt get sick again.
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