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Question about a change in behavour...

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Was hoping someone more knowledgable than I could confirm or explain what this means. It's not particularly troublesome, other than the fact that I don't understand it.

I have a ten year old Maine Coon (tremendous cat, but a wonderful disposition and my best friend! ). I've had him since he was tiny.

Lately, (last 6 months or so) he's taken to following me into the bathroom and becoming very affectionate when I use the facilities. He may be showing no interest in me until he notices me stepping in there, then he gets all excited, runs in ahead of me, and wants attention the whole time I'm in there, especially if I am sitting down.

I'm wondering if he views my use of the facilities as "territorial marking" or something? Before he started behaving this way, he would scratch the door jamb while I was in there... almost like he was trying to mark territory in response to what I was doing. He did that briefly, then abandoned the practice, and now rubs all over me, or lays accross my feet.

Anyway, like I said, this behavior doesn't particularly bother me, I just don't understand it, and was hoping someone could explain for me.


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My cats always join me in the loo! I dont know why I think they are just nosy! They will even fight to get up on my lap.
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I think they just know that they can get our undivided attention in that particular room.
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I second the undivided attention ploy - It is impossible to go to the restroom alone in my house.
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Actually, this is a social behavior in cats. In large colonies of cats, you will often see a group attend the local potty place - some will go to do their business and others will just sort of stand around and chat to them while they do. Take it as your kitty's way of showing his desire to be social with you.
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It's cute if I don't shut the door properly I end up with three big puppies in the tiny little WC!
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Mine think of it as a time to do theres too... My older one started it a few years ago
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It's very unusual if I can get in the bathroom without at least one of the kitties following!
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ditto here!!!!!
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Right, this is very common behavior and the cat is expressing friendship or affection towards you. Nano always purrs and flops and does backrolls when she comes to visit me in the bathroom. Eventually she curls around one of my ankles until it is time for me to stand up.
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Well, thanx for all the responses! Yeah, I figured this was probably normal, just wanted to understand what he's thinking. Much appreciated.
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Ha, consider yourself lucky...My boy will always follow me in and play about or jump in the tub and wait for me or sit on my feet...But lately, he has been nudging my butt with his paw as I sit as if he is wanting a clearer view as to what is going on in the bowl...Its very weird!
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