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Soft claws?

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Hi, everyone. It's been forever since I've been on here and Gus and Liz who are about 10 months old now have grown big time. Liz is about 8 lbs. and Gus is right at 11 lbs. He's huge.

Anyway, after my cat, Big Kitty, was declawed when I was a child, my family and I learned more about the procedure than we did before, and we ended up regretting having it done. Big Kitty's nubs on his front paws are terrible to look at and I just feel awful for him. In any case though, Gus and Liz are tearing apart things with their claws. Having scratching posts really makes no difference and the spray-on repellant stinks to the point that it does a good job of keeping everyone away from where it's sprayed. Additionally, Gus's mannerisms are more like a puppy than like any cat I've ever known. He's really active and playful, but digs those claws in when he's really playing hard. Liz's are like needles as well. Anyway, I've looked into getting the Soft Claws tips for their nails and haven't really heard any input on them. Gus and Liz are strictly house cats, so there's no chance of them getting into a scuffle outside and being defenseless. But, the pictures of cats with the tipped claws make them look cumbersone and uncomfortable. Any experiences or opinions?


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I had them on Abbey when I was crashing w/ my mom for a while. They do look kind of silly (especially the colored ones) but they work. You will have to try them out and see how your kitties react though, Abbey likes to bite her nails (she bites them even with no soft paws on) so she occasionally got them off.

We just try to keep their little paw-claws clipped frequently, and generally with some patience and positive reinforcement - you can get them to use the scratching posts. Those things made out of coregated cardboard with catnip built in work great!
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I use them when we go to my mom's house. Neither cat seems to mind, although it does make it harder for them to grasp onto things with their claws, which may be a good or bad thing We have crappy college student furniture, so it doesn't bother me at my house. It almost makes me feel bad to put the soft paws on the cats, but it's much, much better than having them climb drapes or scale a couch at my mom's house. After a few minutes they don't even notice they're wearing them.
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There is another thread about Soft Claws. Check out my response on page 2

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Perhaps I should try that for my kitties!! She's always digging her claws in and sharpening them on the dining room furniture, so this would be ideal!
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