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WARNING! If you don't like flowers then don't open this thread!

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Huge lilac bush in our front yard.

The blossoms smell wonderful!

A few pink tulips.

Primrose anyone?

Tulips from on high.

Wild violets!

I am so thankful that it is FINALLY spring!
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Oooh they look lovely! Yay for pretty pictures!
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what a lovely season is spring, isn´t?
Fantastic pic´s Amie, you´re a good photographer!
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Lovely pics!! Thanks!
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Thanks, guys! I spend a lot of time outside just sitting and looking around. I LOVE flowers and my favorite color is green!
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Ahhh great. I am going to a wild flower exhibit at the local museum, they go out and collect specimens and dislplay them etc.
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Beautiful. I love those pictures.
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Oh, Gorgeous, Amie!I thought I was excited about your lilacs, but then I saw your tulips wow, just look at your violets!Sierra and I want to come site outside with you!
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Amie, those pictures are so pretty! Some green thumb you've got there!!! I can't wait to stop by to see the kitties again, and the flowers too!!!
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Very nice! But don't let Sashcat see this,.....she'll be in your yard under the cover of dark with a shovel & bucket!
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Thanks, again, guys!

Lacey, the lilac bush was here when we moved into the house 10 years ago and I've never touched it! Everything else just comes up by itself also.

Stephanie, I used to have an older cat who would go outside and just piddle around, if you know what I mean. I wish I could trust my current feline knuckle-heads to go out and keep their cool. I don't dare! I do miss Katie very much, though. You and Sierra are welcome anytime!
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Beautiful flowers. Thanks for sharing. I love the smell of lilac blossoms.
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Thank you, Amie! That will be so wonderful!I'm sorry you're especially missing Katie today.She's still with you when you sit outside enjoying your flowers.
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Originally Posted by consumercity
I love the smell of lilac blossoms.
I'm with you on that one!

Stephanie, thanks for your kind words about Katie. She was absolutely, without a doubt, one of the best friends I've ever had. I just wish I had as many pictures of her as I do of the current crew. She's the cat in my avatar.
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I never knew that, Amie! Wow, Katie is beautiful!
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
Wow, Katie is beautiful!
Thanks. I just wish I had a decent picture of her.
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Decent? That one is beautiful! She has such a precious, sweet little face!
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What dreamy flowers! Just delightful!

Thank you for sharing Amie.
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TGISpring...Beautiful Pictures.
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I love spring. The tulips around campus are all in bloom. it's so pretty!!
on a different note, I love the new smilies
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How beautiful! Look at all that hard work in bloom...makes it all worth it!
Great pictures...makes me want to plant something
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Beautiful flowers, nice pics.
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The flowers are so beautiful... thank you for sharing
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Once again, thanks for all of your kind words. But as I stated in a post above, I can take absolutely NO CREDIT for the beauty in my yard (well, except for a little bump on the water bill this time of year).
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Mom and I need to get out and get our place in shape... :

And the redbuds and dogwoods in the woods near us! Tra-la, it's spring!
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I tried to stay away but I couldn't They are lovely!!!
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Thanks for sharing those beautiful flowers! Spring flowers are my favorite, especially wild violets. We had a yard full of them when I was a kid.
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