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I Just Found Out: Tiffany Is Alive And Well...

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You all remember my story about the break up of my relationship with Kathy and her taking Tiffany to the pound. Well, I just found out that it wasn't the pound, but a no-kill shelter and Tiffany was adopted and is living a happy life up in the SC mountains with a family and kids. I began to tear up when Kathy told me tonight. She has a friend that works there and knows that Tiffany is, after all, still alive, happy and purring away at 8 yrs old. I'm so happy to actually know and I thought in the midst of all these sad stories I'd share this happy one about my first baby.
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That is great news. I'm so glad you finally were able to find out that she is still alive and well.
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That is great that she is doing good!! Happy that you are happy!
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I am happy Tiffany is alive & in a good home. I was thinking that if it was me I would want to know her circumstances, because you just never know, she may have been in a situation where possibly she needed rescuing again & you would be able to take her. I'm one of those people that needs to know things (good or bad). To me its much better than the uncertainty & unknowing.
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I'm so glad you found out. Now you have peace of mind and can move on.
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I am really glad she is okay, however it must be hard as I am sure you would like her back!!!
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Yep, Sandie. But, I'm glad to have learned that she has a good, loving home and is well treated (As long as the 2 kids haven't terrorized her). Yes, I would love to have my little girl back so she can sleep on dads chest like she used to. But, I suppose that wouldn't be fair to take her away from a home shes been in for the past 6 years. I guess I just have to accept that, but at least shes alive and well. But, I do miss her so. The boys would be so pissed were I to actually bring her (or another for that matter) home.
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Oh MeowMan! That is so great that she is alive and doing well!!! Is there anyway that maybe you could get in contact with the family, not to take Tiff away, but just to maybe visit her, and see that she is alright?
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Meowman-That's the best news I've heard all day! Thanks so much for letting us know!
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One of the first ferals we acquired when we first moved here- is a female Manx- tuxedo kitty with a half white and black face and a funny spot on her nose. She was pregnant and we christened her Funny Face. She bought us her babies, and we helped to socialize them. Mom stayed tame after I worked with her until her kittens grew up, then she returned to roaming the fields. There would be weeks, sometimes months before we would see her, and about 2 years ago, she vanished all together. We assumed she had come to harm and mourned her presence...

One evening, I get a call from a farmer who lives on the road behind us. He had a cat on his property and he had heard that I help people who know very little about cats, learn about them. So I got directions and headed over there- and sitting on his fence as pretty as a picture was Funny Face! Fatter than she should be, (worms) but when I got out of the car and called to her- she came right to me!!! I picked her up and gave her a giant hug- she was about 6 miles from our place. Then I talked to the farmer, we wormed her and he now calls her Panda. She comes and goes as she pleases, his grandkids all love her, and she will go in the house at night to sleep. I go and visit her every now and again, and we still have 3 of her kittens living with us. Max (the farmer) was so surprised that she knew me- and I was just so jazzed to see her and know she is well. It is that full circle coming around, and it is what you have just experienced as well. You have more love in your heart for other cats, because of this special cat Tiffany that has already primed your heart.
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That was a nice story Hissy. Happy endings always make me feel good inside.
I have a little story with a happy ending also.
When my husband was in the Navy, we lived in San Diego. We had to drive to my Mother's, about 180 miles North of us, to pick up some things. We left our kitten, CC (Crazy Cat), at our 2nd floor apartment in the bedroom with food, water catbox and left the window open about 4 inches. The window had a screen. When we returned the next day CC was gone and there was a hole in the screen. I looked every where for him thinking he couldn't have gone too far after jumping out that window. After looking to no avail, I put up a notice at the veterinarians office describing him. About 2 weeks later a man came to my door and told me about a kitten he and his mother had found. I went to their house to see this kitten and there was my CC. They had already named him and looked very happy and healthy so I let them keep him. Check out his name: Clarence Clement----CC
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Oh those stories do my heart so much good!!!! My Fluffy disappered two days after Thanksgiving, and I tried everything to find her...I assumed she had met a bad fate, and also mourned her....but after reading these last two stories, I have some hope in my heart that maybe somewhere she is alive and well, and being loved and taken care of. I hope so.
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