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Hello everyone...

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I am so glad I found this forum, I am an avid Cat Lover... I currently have 9 furry little critters. 2 mommas and 7 kittens. (my daughter found an abandoned cat in our neighbourhood, we didn't realize she was a queen till it was too late,) and my sweet momma cat who had her litter 2 days later...I know that a lot of people are against not spaying there animals, I have all intentions of doing this, but with my precious Duchess, I wanted to wait. I love her more then any one would understand. she gave birth last year to 4 kittens, but sadly they all were born w/out eyes and were very sickly, and died all with in an hour of each other 2 weeks later. I watched her mope around the house for months only the shell of the cat I knew and loved. So I decided to let her have one more litter before I spayed her. I know some people don't think animals have feelings (including my husband) But I know they do.I felt like she needed to do this, kinda like a woman who wants a child desperately and has watched her child die, she will try again and I needed to do this for my sweet cat. I sat with her for 6 hours petting praising and just being there for her, while she had this litter, slumped in the corner of my bedroom. I have never cried so hard as I did that night. The first kitten came tail and arm first sideways I thought It was still born. I picked her up and gently rubbed her limp body and got her moving. The next two came with out trouble but all looked so small I thought the worst, I massaged each one to help stimulate them and got them moving. The last kitten had no chance. He was only about 2 inches long, and died in utero. she still cleaned him and nuzzled him but I took him away and buried him next to her last litter after it was over. The first two day she never left their sides not even to go to the litter box. she ate laying down and let her babies eat and nuzzle to their hearts content. even now she wont leave them longer then 5 minutes at a time she races to eat and runs back to them, I know she is a proud mama, I can see the smile on her face. The kittens are doing well there getting bigger and I believe they'll make it this time. I know some will think I'm crazy, and my reasoning Daft, I'm not, and I value my cats more then anything... I am taking full responsibility for all these babies and plan to spay and nuter all of them when there ready including the mommas. I have found homes for a few and plan to keep a few my self, I live in the country so they all have room to roam. I do understand the fact that there are so many cats and dogs being mistreated and abandoned (I have one that was abandoned) and one of my goals in life is to start a shelter in my town for such cases. These animals will all be loved and taken care of if by no other then me... I am so glad to know theres a place to come to for help and support for these beloved pets of ours...

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Dear Lord sweetie, do you have your hands full. Welcome, welcome, welcome from KittenKiya's Clan.
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Thank you for the welcome..
Yes I sure do, Its kinda surreal, I guess Im gonna need a huge litter box, cause 7 kittens can make a big stink ... There so adorable, I know I cant keep em all, but sure wish I could...

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Hi welcome to the site.
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Welcome to TCS!
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Hi, Sierra and I welcome you and your family to TCS! So glad you've joined us and look forward to getting to know you better! How wonderful to have you join knowing that you share our deeply intense love for your babies. I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!

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Hi and Welcome
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Wow, what a sweet ending story. I believe that cats have feelings and people think I am crazy too but I don't care. I think what you did was very sweet for her and you are being responsible about it. I am so sorry for your losses.
You are a caring meowmy!

Post pics if you have some!!
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Hello and welcome!!!

I also believe kitties mourn. quite a few years back one of our cats named Lucy saw he son get hit and killed by a car and that poor girl wasn't the same for over a year.

Congrats on the new additions!!

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Thank you for all the warm welcomes... Im am glad to be here and look forward to getting to know everyone.... I will post some pictures as soon as I can... all the best...

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welcome to you and the gang! I am donna proudly owned by the silly trio below!
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