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I finally got Spot!!!!

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This is a major catch.
Spot is a cat I have been trying to catch for almost 4 years now.
She is the daughter of Mrs. Black who I caught over a year ago and had spayed.
I caught Spot on my front porch. She was delivering her kittens. She had given birth to 2 of them already and was just laying there crying and shaking. First of all it was very strange that she chose to give birth in that open spot. Second thing is she didn't try to run away. I don't think she could move. I ran inside and got a storage tub and a towel. I put the babies in the tub and then got her in. She started to struggle but I got her inside and into a cage. I thought the one kitten was dead as it was very cold and stiff. The other was very cold and somewhat stiff but it was wimpering. I didn't know what to do at first. Then I thought of warm water. I took them into the bathroom and turned on the warm water and put them under it. I don't know if that was the right thing to do but it worked. I could literally see them coming to life and turning pinker and pinker. When they started to cry and wiggle around I dried them off and put them in a bunch of towels and blankets with two hot water bottles. I checked on Spot and she had given birth to another little black kitten. After about half an hour the other two kittens were crying good and trying to crawl out from the towels. I then put them in with their mom. She accepted them and began grooming and nursing them. Today Mom Spot and all four of her little ones are doing good.
As soon as these babies are weaned Spot will get spayed. This is a major catch with her as she has had many many litters. She is Pippin's mom and also the mother of Stormy and CuppyCoco(who were born last year on the same day as these kittens)Faith and Hope(the litter after Stormy and Cuppy) and Dorothy and Barbara(the litter after Faith and Hope)(Barbara died last year ). I am so happy this is her last litter. These kittens will be tame and I am very hopeful that Spot will learn to love us too. Her mother, Mrs. Black, slept all evening and all last night right outside her cage. I have to wonder if she knows and she is trying to comfort her. I showed Mrs. Black one of her grandchildren and she sniffed her and licked her. Spot lets me touch the babies and she lets me touch her too but you can tell she is really scared. I am pretty sure she has never felt the touch of a human before. Well, that will change now. It will probably take some time but I have a lot of that to give her and also a lot of her relatives live with me too. Hopefully that will help too.
Thanks for listening to me ramble on. I am just so happy. She is the last female out there that has been part of the original problems that started almost 8 years ago.
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Great job!

Even though Spot was afraid, she must have sensed something was wrong and known you would help, or she wouldn't have chose your front porch to give birth! Any pictures? You know I am a sucker for a black kitty!
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That is great!
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