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intro my sugar glider to him

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i have a sugar glider. who is an athelic (jumpz in the cage alot)
this catch his attention
since he's juz a kitten he's not agresif to her
but i m worry so i move out her cage from the room.
but i really wan to bond between them.
teach me how?
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Well...... Since your cat's little, he most likely will play with the glider, rather then try to kill it. I'd show the kitten the glider in the cage first. After a few days show the kitten the glider while you are holding it (the glider). After a few days of that, try letting the glider on the floor, keeping a watchful eye of both of them, and see what happens. If all esle fails keep the glider in the cage.
Hope it works. It's most likely going to take a while, good luck
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This is a bit unrelated, but I've never heard of anyone having a single SG. I hear they get lonely without a partner around?
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I disagree, if the kitten bites your sugar glider, your sugar glider can become ill or worse. I would keep them apart- keep your glider in one room, and your cat in all the others. Cats have bacteria in their mouth that can mean trouble for smaller wildlife, and right now you have prey and predator together, not a good mix. If you want to introduce them slowly do so while the glider is in a cage and the kitten can't get to him.
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I would suggest keeping your kitten away from it. Theres a slim chance they would become"Friends" Most friendships can evolve in the cats and dogs together, but I wouldnt expect my cats to be best buds with my Geckos! Definitely keep them apart! If its smaller than him keep it away! You may see the shows on tv where a cat is best friends with a mouse, or a lion with a parrot, but these occurences are rare. The sugar glider is a small, quick, flying, mousey creature, and is sure to gain the attention food/toy wise of any cat. Definitely do not introduce them unless you only want one pet O_O

Something like a rat, ferret, or rabbit would be dooable, even a Guniea pig, but you cant take chances on the smaller animals. If I went out of the room and left my geckos sitting on the table, I would come back with two less pets o_O
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My birds and the cats aren't friends - they co-exist. The cats promise the birds they won't attack, and the birds promise not to kick their butts.

Seriously though, Hissy is right cats saliva in an open wound (bite) can cause serious complications - I can't speak for sugar gliders - but for birds it can be very serious, as the tend to hide their illnesses until the cannot hide any longer. At that time it is usually right before the die.
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Please don't put your SG and your cat together. I lost one of my pet birds to one of my cats.
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I don't think they can ever be "friends". Won't the cat see the sugar glider as prey?
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I am sure if you have a cat, then you have little stuffed toy mice all over your house for your cat to play with. Or any type of small stuffed toy for that matter. Now if you wave these toys around your cats head and throw them to your cat to play with and attack and be rough with, then you suddenly show the cat a slightly bigger furry stuffed soft "toy" that is jumping around, I bet it would be hard for the cat to see the difference. If you were to tell the cat NO when he did this you will have one very confused cat. It sees the toys and the sugar glider both as toys. I would just be on the safe side and keep them seperate. It is HIGHLY unlikely that a cat and a mouse type/looking animal will ever become friends.
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Originally Posted by robotrock
This is a bit unrelated, but I've never heard of anyone having a single SG. I hear they get lonely without a partner around?

Sugar gliders are meant to be kept in pairs..Many even suffer illnesses and premature death if isolated. They are very attached creatures..
I would think about adding a sugar glider and keeping the cat and the gliders separate.
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