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Bad nighttime kitten antics

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Hey y'all,
OK, I need some advice big-time. I have a boyfriend who is a type-1 diabetic. He wears a pump that puts insulin into his body 24/7. There is some tubing that connects the needle that's in his body to the pump that clips to his pants. Well, Cosette, my kitten, as discovered this tubing and has developed a habit of "playing" with it in the middle of the night. She even burrows under the sheets and Bradley's tshirt to get to it! It often leaves Bradley bleeding and in a lot of pain b/c it messes with the needle that stays in his stomach all the time . This also, obviously, gives him many sleepless nights. No matter how much he tells her "No" and puts her on the ground, she continues to jump up and play with the pump.
The only thing I can think of is to keep Cosette out of the bedroom at night. I hate to do that to a kitten, but I don't have any other ideas.
Any suggestions?
By the way, we have Feliway Comfort Zone in the bedroom; obviously it has no effect on this behavior!
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Have you tried making the tube less attractive to her? Like by putting Bitter Apple or something comparable on the tube?
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That is a wonderful idea Heidi! Thank you
Is bitter apple available in a oil or something that we can coat the tube in without ruining it?
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Any other ideas y'all? My boyfriend's bleeding stomach (sorry for the gross visual) would appreciate it!
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Honestly I'm not sure...I know they sell it at places like Petsmart. Probably would be best to test it on a similar plastic before using it.

Another option would be anything lemon or citrus scented. I know my cats both made that "OMG YUK!!!!!" face when they smell anything lemon, and run away! You might have more options that wouldn't do any damage to the tubing material going with a citrus scent, but from what I understand bitter apple usually has immediate effect because it is really nasty stuff!
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I would keep your kitten out of the bedroom. The kitten will eventually grow out of the habit, but right now, your boyfriend's comfort should be first and foremost. It could be the smell of the tube is what is attracting Cosette and she can't help herself. Make her a nice place to stay in the other room, shut your door and let your boyfriend get some uninterrupted sleep. Look into a heated bed for your kitten, it offers them great comfort- and make up for her exile during the day when you are with her.
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Thanks Heidi and MA for your advice
Yeah, keeping Cosette out at night may be the best option- she also has a penchant for attacking our feet all night long too! Coating the tubing with something, now that I think about it, may be a little rough since it is up against his body and may mess up both his skin and the 400tc sheets!
I have this great thing by Petstages that I warm up in the microwave and place in her bed at night to keep her cozy. She seems to like it I guess we'll have to do this until she grows up a bit more. She does get spayed next week, so maybe that'll calm her down just a tad.
Oh well, at least I can still snuggle with Eponine at night!
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after her spaying u have to keep her out ur bed room at night too. for at least one week i suggest.
the pain will make her nervous and doing somthing unusual..
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I would have to agree that keeping the kitten out of the bedroom is the best plan, even though it is a little sad Given your boyfriends situation, I think its a little scary to have the animals in the bedroom anyway. Thats great that Eponine can be trusted though

Can you put anything on that tube and still have it sterile enough to do its job? sorry, I'm a little ignorant of what the treatment actually entails
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Has your b/f ever tried to tape the tube to his body with surgical tape?My best friend does this with her pump sometimes so This might help,I wouldnt be able to kick her out at night she'll probably just scratch on the door and cry anyway.( thats what mine do)
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If you don't want to kick her out of the room entirely, maybe you could put her in a crate in the bedroom. If you can afford more than one crate, I would get one that is her night-time bed (as opposed to the vet-transport, universally hated by all cats!). You could either put her in there at night before bed, or put her in there when she is misbehaving.
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