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Russian Blue in SoCal needs new home

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I've tried, for weeks now, to help Urraco keep calm and settled in with our family here. 5 people and 5 kittens. But as time goes on, he just isn't happy with the population around here and I think he's in need of a place of his own.
His frustrations are manifesting themselves in alot of ways, including spraying (but he's fixed?), and attacking the other kittens (older and younger) relentlessly.

The spraying is only recent, but we can't get it under control and NONE of the other kittens are doing it. It's not health related.

My thoughts are that maybe he just needs his own bachelor pad, with someone who can give him one on one attention.

As gut wrenching as this is, I'm looking for someone in Southern California who is looking for one cat, about 2 years of age now. He's adorably loveable when it's just you and him, and he's growing into being a great lap cat and night time snuggle buddy. The problems only start when the room he's in, is filled with other cats. He's just not cut out for the family life style.

He's my 2nd oldest cat and I love him so, but I just can't take anymore of this. The other kittens can't take anymore of it either.

If you think you might have a good home for Urraco at your side, then please let me know. I'll post up photos of him as soon as I can to this thread (his website is currently down).

He's about 2 and a half, and in fine physical health.
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If he is fine by himself, why don't you just designate one room to be his, and keep him there?
And how long have you had him? Have you tried Feliway? Are the other cats fixed? I have heard that sometimes cats spray when another tomcat is around.
Russian Blues are just beautiful cats.
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We're trying Feliway now. All cats in the house are fixed. We can't keep Urraco locked to one room on his own, as first off thats just ... not right, and secondly it wouldn't help the situation I don't think.
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I don't know, maybe post him on a few more cat sites. Can you get him on Petfinder? I think a lot of people use Petfinder to find a new pet.

Maybe try limiting him to one room temporarily to give him relief from the "crowd". My Festus gets sick of Garfield sometimes, and loves to spend the day shut in my bedroom away from him occasionally. (I just make sure to put out water for her if she "sneaks" in!) Shutting a cat away from the others is not as mean as it sounds. I know of several people who segregate their pets, either dogs kept away from cats, or two groups of cats kept separate. But it does depend on the layout of your home.

I am getting ready to foster kittens, and since the Momma will be of undetermined health status, she will be kept away from my guys in a bedroom which is 8x15 feet. That will also keep her kittens safe from my cats. It is just a fact of life for many families, and maybe he will be able to reintegrate in time, and you would be able to keep a beloved cat.

Best of luck in this difficult situation!

P.S. I don't mean lock away and ignore. I mean separate from the others, but get as much attention as possible, certainly some people time every day! Or he can sleep with you some nights, the rest of them other nights...
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Have you tried the behavior thread? They have a lot of posts about inappropriate peeing.
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