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Are we lucky or what?

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This morning when I woke up (for once it was without feline assistance!) all three cats were still asleep on the bed. Katie was curled up by my feet, Peter right next to me and Gracie was taking up most of the pillow. I couldn't help but think how lucky I am to have such sweet, beautiful, funny, creatures in my life.

Sorry, I just get a little emotional about them at times!
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Awwwww i know the feeling!

I wake up with Rosie lying on my legs and Sophie lying on my chest and i love it!
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I love waking up to my boys every morning all 4 always come in the room in the morning if they haven't slept with us,then they always jump on top of us like "I'm so happy to see you mommy & daddy!" Its the best feeling ever!
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Yup we are definitely lucky. My cats have their own spots on the bed (all 6 of them have staked their claim to a certain area!).

Some of them come and go during the night but I can always counting on having all 6 of my babies with me during the night.

And, in the last few weeks, I can count on Snickers coming up from my feet (which he guards), nibbling on my nose or eyeball, licking my face, to wake me up. He purrs so loud that it wakes me up before the nibbling does!

Their personalities are all so different, I'd be lost without any of them... such sweeties.
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This morning i woke up and i got my kitty to come to me into bed.
I just thought how wonderful he was and that i never want to lose him he has been very cuddly today
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Seems we all feel the same about how blessed we are to have our babies Lately, I've been waking up to Eponine growling at Cosette....Eponine used to ALWAYS jump up onto my bed to snuggle right before my alarm would go off....now she'll try to do that only to discover that Cosette is already there, purring away! Thank goodness for kitty treats- that always seems to make her happy again!
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I love sleeping with my kitties. Sometimes, if they aren't in bed I wake up in the middle of the night and go get them. My BF thinks I'm crazy (but I know secretly he likes it too).
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Yeah, we are pretty lucky, aren't we? And those times when the angels are all being angels and we have a moment to acknowledge that feeling are special, too -- get a little misty just reading these comments.
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