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Momma brag (with pictures) not cat related....

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Little story...

Erynn got these Best Friends necklaces from scholastic books (one says "best" and one says "friends")
She handed me one and says, "I want to give this to you becuase you are my best friend..." oh my... that did it.... I wore my necklace proudly last night to her ballet - I'm sure people wondered why I had this cheesy little kid necklace on! lol! She almost made me cry!!!!!

So on the way home, she says, "Mommy, I want to switch necklaces. I want you to wear BEST because you ARE the best...."

Ohmigosh... what a total sweetheart....

Anyway, here are links to her softball pictures... she tries to be so serious yet she is so prissy... a tomboy she is not!

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She is adorable! Her hair is beautiful! I love thepicture where she is holding the glove and looking into the distant!
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Very nice pictures!!
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Beautiful photography! And your daughter is so beautiful!

I am so jealous of your talent!
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Your daughter is absolutely beautiful, inside and out. Your lucky to have her as a best friend. And despite her serious can still tell she is prissy!
Wonderful pictures!
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Your little girl is so pretty! Those pics are really good too.
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What a sweetheart through and through.
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Oh my goodness she is so beautiful! What a sweet daughter you have,You must be very proud.
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Oh Jodi, that story gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling....thanks for sharing! The pics are wonderful!
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what a beautiful little girl!

again, truly lovely pictures. you should feel so blessed to have them! I can just see that picture of her with the bat and the helmet being passed around at graduation or wedding reception
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aww she looks beautiful!
I love her hair!!!!
for a moment i thought she was a girl off tv!
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That is a beautiful story You do have a beautiful daughter as well. Congratulations!
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Oh that story is adorable!

Your daughter is so pretty!
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What a wonderful story and you're so right to be a proud Momma - your daughter is a beautiful little girl. What a lovely, special relationship you have
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She's so sweet, and pretty. What a lovely story, love the pics.
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Your daughter is beautiful, and so are your photo's.
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Thank you all! I hadn't had a chance to respond, I'm sorry, but thank you so much...

We had opening day yesterday and things have gotten crazy... I think my daughter's picture will be in the newspaper this week which is pretty cool Another photographer from the paper saw her yesterday and grabbed a shot of my DH carrying her and took our names in case it is used...
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Oh I hope it is used!

I've been in newspapers all over NZ since I was little for my cats. There is nothing such as that feeling as seeing yourself in the newspaper!
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holy cow, you are awesome! And your daughter is beautiful! Well done, as usual! I love seeing your work!
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your daughter is just georgeous! and what a special moment those are the things that make being a mom so wonderful! that's why they say "moments to last a lifetime"
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You are right to be very proud of her. When my dd was about 4, her best friend got the same type of necklace. She kept the "best" side and gave the "friend" side to dd, and said it was because she (the friend) was the best, and dd was the friend.

Sounds like your daughter is nicer than my daughter's friend. (But we DO love her dearly!)
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