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I did my taxes a couple months ago but only because I was getting back.

My coworker got "let go" yesterday so I'm back to working all by myself and going nuts

This weekend we were supposed to go to my bf's show a few hours north but weird band things happened last night (bad bad things) and now I'm thinking they might cancel. If they do I have a list of things I might want to do.. go to the zoo, go to cirque du soleil, go to the movies, go hiking, etc. It's not supposed to rain here for 7 more days so the outlook is good for just about anything.
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well i'm supposed to be going round to my bf's sister's tomight for a girlie night in and i drink, but i just can't be bothered, i'd rather just stay in
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Originally Posted by huggles
wine or going out
Danielle -- you're such a brat!
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A mostly normal weekend, except that we'll be taking my Dad out to dinner on Saturday for his birthday, which is actually Monday (93).

If Mother Nature cooperates (read: if the rain stops) I'll probably try to do a little in the garden. Not normally in my job description, but I don't think Rob will be up to it anytime soon, and there really is stuff that shouldn't wait for him.

We have till the end of the month to get taxes done. And no, mine aren't, nor are Dad's which I do for him (pretty easy, but still...). [sigh]
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Taxes and refunds were in in February. I think I am going to get a bottle of Vodka and some diet 7-up, a large pizza and eat myself into oblivion. Then, tomorrow morning we have a yard sale at the trailer park and I am looking for older blankets (for the ferals in the fall), glassware, pots and pans, baking dishes and/or pans. I need to water the yard, the roses are blooming everywhere. Then I will need to do a laundry, try to vac up the cat hair (I have been waiting two months for a new vac because my old one clogs up every time I turn it on). Then I will need to go shopping, and then around 1:00 pm, I want to watch a Godzilla movie. After that, I think I can relax, but I am sure that something will come up.
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Oh, I forgot taxes.....we filed for an extension.....
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
Sounds like so far everyone is either going to be dirty, bored, drunk or celebrating in some kind of way!
My weekend? All of the afore mentioned. Sounds like a good weekend to me. Thanks for the idea.
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I starting off with a quiet night tonight, i don't feel well and hope a dish of hot and sour soup will help, plus a nice DVD and early bed. THEN tomorrow I am going to the Oakland museum here for the annual California Wild flower exhibit, they have specimens from all over.
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My weekend....working . My own fault for not getting the marking finished in the week
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Tonight is dinner with my boyfriend and my Nan. Followed by the two of us going to a movie, which is undecided as of yet. Tomorrow either off to the shore or New Hope. And Sunday morning I hope to get up early enough to go to Columbus Flea Market.

Besides that, the usual paying bills and cleaning will be in order. I can't wait to get out to the beach... I desperately need a tan!!
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Well it is late Saturday morning here BUT yesterday which was Friday was my last day of Term one at college. I have two weeks of holiday! I took the afternoon off yesterday and went shopping with my friend in Porirua City, and then in the evening it was my friends Mums birthday party. It was so much fun!

Today since my friend had to start work at 7am I came home early and have just been doing chores, and surfing TCS. I just got home from the supermarket, Mum & I needed to get a good weeks worth of shopping. For the rest of the day I am just going to relax. So far I am really enjoying it!

This evening I am going to have dinner with my Nana.

Tomorrow probably just relax, hopefully going out with my Mum to a carnival tomorow night.

Have a good weekend everybody!
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Taxes smaxes.... I am going to spend this weekend with Abe Lincoln!!
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For tonight, I'm going to sleep all night long!Sat, I'm going home to visit my Grandma, she's very ill. I'll return Sunday. I'll still be here, though, when I'm not visiting, I'm taking the laptop with me. Monday I have to pay for my two whole days off. I go into work at 4pm Monday afternoon and get off at 8am Tuesday morning. Nothing like a 16 hour shift...
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Work has been so slow, this week, that I've gotten off early, for the past three days. Today, we got cut loose, after only 3 1/2 hrs. Since today is payday, Jennifer and I went shopping. I got books and shoes, for the twins' birthday and a nice top for myself.

Tomorrow- housecleaning, litter boxes, getting my car washed and maybe a haircut. I've been debating whether or not to let it grow out a bit. With our hot summers, I think cutting is in order.

Sunday- grocery shopping, laundry and doing my nails.
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Oh Stephanie, sorry to hear about your Grandma! I will keep her in my thoughts.
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