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Question About Colouring

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I'll be the first to admit I know NOTHING about cat genetics ROFL or cat terms...or a lot of other things

I have a 19 month old DSH (I think that's right LOL), Trixie, who is tri-coloured (calico? tortoiseshell?). Her son (6 months) is a gorgeous tannish-orange-ish colour with beautiful markings. The father was a solid black cat.

Trixie is pregnant (about half way through the vet figures) and I'm just curious as to how the colouring works. I know there's no way to know for sure (obviously) but I'd have thought black would have been a dominant gene kinda like brown eyes in humans .
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Hi there,

What colour male was Trixie mated to?
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What can be said for sure is that you can get black, red (orange) and tortie babies, with our without white spotting. This, no matter the males color.
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She is a calico, if she has a significant amount of white. The boys will be orange or black(or tuxedo) , the girls will be cali or tortie, probably you may even get a red girl, which are rare and lovely little spitfires.
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The dad was solid black. There's a link in my siggy for a page with pics of Trixie and Tiger
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Well, if the father is black you'll get the mentioned colors, but you won't get any red females so all red kittens will be boys.
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Okay thanks all Just seems so odd to me that they wouldn't be all black..lolol
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That actually sounds just like my kittens mom and dad. My kittens mom is a striped calico (stripes instead of solid colors) and the dad was black. If it helps any, the mom Jasmine had one kitten that looked just like her, one black kitten that had tufts of orange/brown/ and white ( i think thats a black calico) a cow spotted cat (White with big black blotches) and my kitten which is a black cat with a white chest spot. I would expect a whole variety of kittens, but most likely you will get one that looks like mom and one that looks like dad, and then some inbetween
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Originally Posted by moxymom
Okay thanks all Just seems so odd to me that they wouldn't be all black..lolol
There's chance for blue, creme and bluetortier to if the parents carry dilution, but that's impossible to say if one doesn't know the colors od their parents or colors from other litters they've had. The chance dor dilution is always there since it's a recessive trait.
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Well, regardless of the colours, I'm sure they'll be cute as buttons LOL
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