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S.O.S. I need help with desicion!!!

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Ok, I´ll try to explain...in less than 4 pages...

Well...when I was 16 I spent a few weeks babysitting and living with the guides/caretakers of the area at one of the most beautyful places in Iceland. It´s a national park and camping place, and the caretakers of the area take people for guided tours around the area, answer questions, take care of the camping area etc....They have to know alot in geography of the area, speak languages and such.

I have studied geography at the university, but not taken the special caretakers course (a few days course), and its hard to get this job without it. But.... I have the geogaphy study, speak english, danish, german (and of course icelandic) fluently, and a little bit norwegian, swedish and french, and have been working as a guide for years, in an open air museum in ReykjavÃ:censor:k.

This year, and last year, I have applied for this job, at this location, and the plan was to take my 3 year old son with me, and either a girl to babysit, or my s/o, if he could take that much time off from work, at least he could be with me a part of the time. This year, he even applied for this job as well.

It takes at least 7 hours to drive to this area, from where I live.

Anyway...I didnt get this job, BUT I was offered the guide/caretakers job at another location, about 4 hours away, at the roots of a glacier, a very beautyful area.
BUT...I would not be able to take my son with me there, so I would have to leave him with my s/o, and meet them when I have time off. I would work 7 days, 2 days off, work 7 days, 5 days off, work 7 days...so every 16 days, I would have 4,5 days with them. Its only for 9 weeks, but I find it sooo hard to be away from my son.

This is good opurtunity, its hard to get this job without the special course,and once I´m "in" it could be easier for me to get a job at the place I so much love....but I would miss most of the summer toghether with my son.....

Please help! What would you do???
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Three is very young to have his Mommy gone for so long. Is s/o his Dad? Does he do a lot of the day-to-day care? That should be considered, too. If you really share childrearing, it would be less traumatic for your son.

I don't think I could do it, but I do have cousins who send their kids from a young age to visit Grandma out of state for a month or two. I just wouldn't do that to my child, and probably couldn't handle it myself. Too bad you can't bring your son and a caretaker or s/o.

If you decide to go, maybe s/o can drive him up to visit sometimes on the long stretches of work. At least you would be together as a family more often. Then you will be home on the days off.
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Oh gosh Sesselja, that's a tough one! It would be really hard to be away from his for a week at a time. Is the long-term payoff worth it to you and him? I mean, it would be an awesome experience for him as he grows up to spend time with you in national parks, experiencing nature, and learning and appreciating the beautiful country you live in.
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I was a little quick postin this, I forgot to finish my first paragraph.....anyway, I was there for a few weeks at 16, and since then I have wanted to stay there as a guied/caretaker. I went there every year as a kid with my parents, and the last few years I´ve been there every year with my s/o (and the last 2 also with my son).

I found a website with a few photos from this area. Where the caretakers house is, is in a beautyful grassy walley in the middle of all those magnificent glaciers formations.

A few photos from my favirite place

My s/o is my sons father, and he takes active part in the day-to-day care.

I think it would be so great for a child to spend a summer at a beautyful national park, but that would not happen this summer. If I would turn this down, I might be less likely to get a job there again, but then I again, I could take the special caretakers course and increse my odds again....
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I dug up some photos from our last years visit to Jökulsárgljúfur (the favorite place, where I didnt get the job, but hope to get to stay sometime)

Late August 2004 no.1

Late August 2004 no.2

Late August 2004 no. 3

There´s a tiny river running through the valley
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I found a couple of photos from the national park, where I actually did get the job, but cant take my son with me...

An overlook of the camp site and surroundings

A waterfall a short walk from the campsite.
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Wow, what beautiful scenery! I can see why you would want to do this...
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I can sure see why doing this is so important to you, Sesselja. Such a beautiful place to be! I agree, though, that such an extended period away from his Mommy would be very difficult for your 3 year old, especially if he's not used to being cared for full time by your s/o. I suppose it depends where you place your priorities. This is most likely not your last opportunity ever to work in this wonderful environment, but it is the only summer your son will be 3. I wonder how it would be if you took the special caretakers course which will put all the odds in your favor for getting the position you desire at your chosen location where you and your son can enjoy the experience together.
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