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Pics help?!

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Hi everyone,

hoping someone would have a bit of time to help me out here. I just bought myself a very "simple" scanner and of course scanned some pics of my "new" cat. The pics look fine on my computer, but when I viewed them on my father's computer, all of the pics looked red, and some pretty dark as well.

Could someone be so nice as to have a look and tell me whether they look 'weird' on their computer as well, so I can get them right? Thanks!

The url is http://www.saunalahti.fi/eehelame/vinka.html
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Eeva! I went and had a peek for you - they look great to me!! Maybe its just your Dads comp?! What gorgeous babies too!! Please post them up here!
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The pictures look good on my computer too. I didn't notice that the pictures seem too dark or too red. I think there are different color resolution settings on monitors, maybe it is just your dad's computer.

Vinka is beautiful! In the pictures taken during her first week, she looks very comfortable in her new home!

Thanks for sharing with us!!
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Thank you both for having a look, perhaps it is just my dad's computer. Hope so, don't really want to scan the pics again!

Lorie D- yes, Vinka is amazing, she's such a relaxed cat, I've never met another cat like her. She settled right in, no crying or anything, although it did take her a few days to not be scared of the dogs. But as you saw in one of the pics, she's completely comfortable with the dogs now too. She just adjusts to new things very easily, and she's so calm- even when my older cat hissed and growled at her during the first few weeks, she just stood there, perfectly calm. And that was at 4,5 months!

Thanks again!
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eeva, what beautiful babies you have.
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Look fine to me- Vinka is a beautiful kitty and love the name!
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The pics look fine here too, and Vinka is gorgeous!

Tolstoy is pretty darn cute too! :
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Look fine on my comp

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Thank you everyone! If you want to see more pics of my dogs -sorry, no more cat pics- , the urls are below. Thanks again for your help.

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I know someone who has one of these dogs. They are such a neat little breed!!
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Awww!! What lovely babies!! I love that breed too...so cute!! I once saw a lady carrying two of them inside her jacket with just their little heads poking out! CUTE!
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Bodlover-are you sure they were this breed? Mine are Australian Terriers, and I can't imagine carrying my two around, my arms would get sore in no time! They weigh 22 and 18 lbs, big for their breed but not huge. And yes, they are a neat little breed, although sometimes I'd wish for less spunk, there's no way I'll get perfectly behaved dogs from these two! But that's terriers for you.
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I thought they were Yorkies. I love the breed. I assume everyone else thought they were Yorkies too. Thanks for clearing us up.
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Cute pics! I like the one of her sprawled out, she reminds me of my Sunshine who sleeps the same way.
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I thought they were Yorkies too!! It doesn't really matter, they're still cute!!!!
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Oooops!! Sorry Eeva!! I thought they were Yorkies too.....what the hec though - they're all darn cute!!! (and Im sure your babies would look cute inside your jacket too!!)
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