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I thought he was feral!

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There is this beautiful yellow tabby boy (I think I mentioned him anothr post) that hangs around the back of the salon where I work. There are trailers and ghetto apartments there, so I figured there were feral cats. I saw him today, and he appeared to be injured under his front leg. I put some treats down for him, but he just kept looking at me like that was not what he wanted. I took a chance, knelt down and called to him. He ran over and started rubbing against my legs. He let me look at his injury, it does not appear serious, or to have any infection. It looks like it is healing. I kept talking to him, and he was so happy! I petted him, and he just purred and patted his paws on the ground like he was starved for affection and attention. I walked him over to the treats, but he wanted to be petted. I stayed with him for awhile, and when I got in the car to leave, he tried to get in with me. He was meowing and purring like I was his long lost person. I finally put down a can of food and hunger won out. He was eating and watching me leave. I felt bad about leaving him, but I can't bring him home. I am not entirely sure he is not someone's cat. He is soooo pretty! Yellow tabby with a white ruff and blue-green eyes, and sweet as can be. I guess I will just keep feeding him. I think I can trust one of the girls I work with to feed him while I am gone for a week when my daughter has her baby. If she can't do it, there is a grooming salon next door, they might do it.
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Ohhh I know how you feel!! I hate coming across a roaming cat that obviously is loving but I can't take home.lol

Many business have an office cat...what's a can a food a duh??
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He sounds like a people cat. Sending him lots of "good luck" survivor vibes! Hope he finds a home!
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Uh oh....sounds like he's got the same softness for you that you have for big orange tabby boys.
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I had considered bringing him home and letting him be an outside cat, since he lives outside anyway, but my sweetie would go staight through the roof. And I have the bad luck of every time I get over 4 cats, something happens to 1 of them. I'll figure something out. I think probably leaving him where he is would be the thing to do. It is a fairly safe area with almost no traffic. There are trailers he can shelter under, and I will feed him. Unless I can find him a really good situation, that might be best. I would love to find him a good home, though.
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