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At work, they are giving us our hour back that they took away from us in May! Hubby & I are both so relieved -- now, we will have more money. It equals to be about $600/month for us! Now, we won't have to worry about not having money before we get paid. It is sad that some people at work had to get re-deployed to another plant that won't be around much longer, but we are happy it wasn't either him or me. Now, we can start paying off bills! And, it will be nice especially since X-Mas is coming up! A BIG RELIEF! :blubturq: :rainbow:
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Wow, yay! How nice that they did that!

I'm a bit confused, though, is this an hour a day of time? I wasn't here back in May . . .
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Back in May, we were getting paid for 11.5 hours a day, which equaled to me 34.5 hrs. one week, and 46 hrs the next wee. In May they decided to cut back an hour making it 10.5 hrs. of time. Not only did that suck, but when it was our long week (overtime day, which is Saturday) we ended up losing 4 hrs of of overtime every other week Well, they reduced our plant's headcount, and by taking 17 operators & techs, they gave us our hour back. Sooooo........ starting Sunday, we will be getting paid our normal hours again!
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Cool!! Tigger that seems to have come just at the right time eh?! Yey!! Now go shopping!! Go on...GET!!!! ha ha ha
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And I bet you'll be laughing all the way to the bank, right?? Good for you!
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