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Are your taxes done?

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Just curious to know if I'm the only person from the US that hasn't done their taxes yet? Anyone else out there in the same boat?
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No!!! They are not done!!! And I'm upset with myself. I've been working on my rather complex taxes this week, and reached a point I'm going to have to file for an extension again. I can't find the 1099 from when I withdrew $10,000 out of my 403-B plan, and they withheld $2000. So I need that to file for my refund. I don't remember if I ever got that 1099 or if I just misfiled it. Guess I'll have to call the investment company tomorrow and ask them to send another. It is too late to call today.

My taxes have been as long as 28 pages, so you can see why doing taxes is not my favorite thing.
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I'm done but a woman that works for me took today off to finish hers, and some friends of mine complained last night that they hadn't started.

You may be rare, but are not alone!!
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For those who haven't, I heard this morning that the IRS estimates that fully 1/3 of the people who will file haven't done so yet. They expect another 43 million returns that have yet to be filed.

As for return was filed and my refund is long gone...
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Are they done anywhere else? They sure do sound confusing!
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The Puerto Rican government charges it taxes on April 15 as well... and no, we have not yet filed them. We are going to go with that big amount of people who file them on the very last day. My mom was filling out the form last night, and I think today it's finished.

My mom's been filling out the short form in the past few days... Tomorrow there are gonna be massive lines on all the offices of the Treasury of Puerto Rico (located in all municipalities) filing the tax returns, and all post offices will be open until midnight to send them there. And as usual, at the Intendente RamÃ:censor:rez building (The main offices of the Treasury in San Juan) there are gonna be treasury employees picking up the forms with the checks right off the street from the people driving right through in their cars, and for the ones who are going to take the lines at the Intendente RamÃ:censor:rez building (which snake around the entire building) will often have musicians playing for them to keep them happy. (Anything to avoid tax evasion!)

So, we are basically acting like the usual happy bunch.
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Done, e-filed and refund in the bank, by Feb. 16.
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I have done my fathers and my two sisters but mine aren't done. I used to do my own but I got married and my husband owns his own business. I don't have the time to do the bookwork so they are outsourced to anouther accountant. He informed me TODAY because I asked him that the accountant didn't get to them. We always owe so I asked him are we paying with the extension this guy is filing. He doesn't know. I really just have to let this go. I am a little controlling and I am just mad that I don't have any control over this situation and I am an accountant so I am just mortified.
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Hopefully we will get ours done before the end of April - for the last 3 years! 2002, 2003 and 2004. My husband is a procrastinator big time and mine have to be done with his through his accountant because he is considered partially self-employed because of his weekend band jobs.

For the past 27 years we have managed to do them every 2 years - this time we have 3 years to catch up on!

I get all the papers ready, do up a spreadsheet with the expenses - all he has to do is make an appointment and go to the accountant! Go figure!

Thank goodness he has so many other positive points!
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I think so.... I'm still on my parent's taxes and they have an accountant to do them. I signed a few things when I went home a few weeks ago.
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Done? yes. Mailed? NO - first thing tomorrow

I did my roommates online in 15 minutes. He's only employed part-time, no investments, no savings, 1040EZ and EIC qualified - and he was going to SEND them to his mom to have HER acc't do them. I told him don't bother.

I couldn't e-file because I couldn't find my '03 return for my AGI, so I have to send it snail mail. BUT that means I'll be getting my hefty refund after I finish my move, when I'll be desperately needing cash!!!
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I have to go to Super Wally World and have H&R Block do mine tomorrow.
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Mine are done. Paid the federal government a couple of weeks ago, got my refund from the state (the two nicely balance out), and my local tax district charges quarterly (all they needed was my W2 form).
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I'm unemployed so no filing for me, and I did Mom's today and got them in the mail today.
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I'm ususally SO good about filing early, but this year I've been a complete procrastinator! I plan on (finally!) sitting down with the forms and getting my return done this weekend.
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Mine were e-filed today. Supposed to be deposited by the 22nd.
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