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Tabitha's preggy

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Tabitha is pregnant for sure. I was hopen the vet would be wronge when I left her there for stitches, but she is starting to ballon and get a stiff lookn belly. She sure isnt suppose to look this way. I would rather prefere a false pregnacy than a real litter, but I can't afford a $100 abortion at the moment.

So what am i to expect? I never really kept a watch over a cat pregnancy before.
SO how long until she has em?
When will you be able to feel them?
What the max a cat can have?

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I think you should be thankful and happy that Tabitha is home safe and you should be calm and caring. I almost adopted a Tabitha kitten at the animal shelter, but one of the shelter workers had first dibs on her, so we adopted Cindy and Lucy instead.
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Ashley -
We had a feral that I was taming at work come up pregnant, and they seem to take it in stride pretty well. Other than eating a bit more, I really didn't notice much. Feed her kitten food, though, it gives the right nutrients to both mom and babies.

I could feel our babies about 2 weeks before they were born, but I'm not sure when you are "supposed" to. But it is a big thrill. Also, they gestate for about 9 weeks, but that's just a ballpark figure. Our vet took x-rays and told us "10 days, max" which turned out to be 21!

Right prior to delivery, our cat lounged around a little bit more than usual, and didn't jump up on anything, and also she started lying on her back. But there were 8 babies in there, so I guess she was getting a bit uncomfortable But she never got restless, like most cats are supposed to do, so sometimes it's hard to tell. So keep an eye on her, and keep up posted!
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first litters are usally small 2-4 but don't bank me on that lol
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So...I guess I could safely say that this wasn't my cat's first litter!!
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lol i only really breed bengals there first litters always small
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All I can say is that you can't blame the cat, ashley, when you didn't find a way to get her fixed-

I suppose you should be happy that you got your wish from a couple months ago. Now you will get to experience raising a bunch of kittens. Please make an attempt to have your cats spayed and neutered at some point, or, this will keep happening.

anyway, I do hope that Tabitha has a good pregnancy and an easy delivery. from what I remember it's about 62 days from "conception" so.. about 2 months?
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If you ~must~ allow this pregnancy (and I am not advocating that you should - in fact, I think it is a really bad idea!! If you don't have the money to properly care for MommaCat, how do you think you will suddenly have enough money to properly care for her kittens when they arrive???) then you should read this post:

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Originally Posted by gailail
first litters are usally small 2-4 but don't bank me on that lol

I took my neighbor's cat in for spay a few weeks ago and she was barely pregnant(we didn't know until the vet opened her up)with EIGHT kittens.This would have been her first litter.Thank goodness I took her in when I did because I know all those kittens would have ended up on my doorstep.


I have read some of your posts and am somwhat familiar with your situation and I would highly recommend you try to come up with the money to spay your cat ASAP.
If you cannot afford to spay her how in the world are you going to afford a litter of kittens?Also what if she has a difficult time having them and you end up having to take her in for emergency C-Section?THAT will cost a LOT of many.Also I have seen several first time moms have to have c-sections and when mom wakes up she doesn't want anything to do with the kittens(guess cause she didn't actually give birth to them and she doesn't know what to do....add to the fact that she has a big sore incision that the kittens are scratching on)then the kittens need to be bottle fed....so then you have to spend a lot of time and money feeding them(kitten milk gets expensive when you have to feed several kittens for several weeks)

I can't tell you what to do,but I can give my advice on what I think would be best for everyone involved.
Good luck.
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I had Tabitha fixed a few days ago, so no new kittens(they weren't developed enough so I got it done before its too late), except for the fact of something very weird going on with one female cat. She ins't ill in any way, but would rather talk in PM with someone.

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If my opinion means anything to you at all, I would be happy to discuss whatever problems you may have found - if I can be of assistance to you that way, I would be glad to help.

I think you made the right decision with having this girl spayed and I, for one, am proud of you.

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THank you, I wonder if she was part Siamese since I read they have a loud and screechy voice when in heat and she had that.

gayef I pm you with my small problem, I wont be able to respond back today but maybe in a few days.
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I just have to add that I, too am impressed with this very mature and wise decision.
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THank you, im happy too. She was a bit to small framed so I was able to sell off some of my games I had to get it done.

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