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Question about Sphynx cats

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For a long time I have been interested in getting a Sphynx cat. Although I would not getting one for at least another year, I am doing my research now. I know that pedigree cats are very expensive, and I was wondeirng, does anyone know of a way to get one a little cheaper? I'm doubting that Sphynx cats ever show up in shelters. Is there a way to go about finding ones for less, perhaps ones that were not suitable for show, but would be a good pet? thanks for any help.
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I'm sure Rene will help you on this because she sometimes comes across Sphynx's that need to be placed. but I do have a suggestion. Why don't you get in touch with some of the breeders and see if they have any of their retired show cats that they want to place. Lots of breeders like to place their retired ones into loving homes. You can also check out a site www.fanciers.com and go into the rescue site, you will see a Sphynx rescue. Hope this helps and let me know if I can be of any other assistance since I am involved in showing cats and I judge for AACE.

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I have a male Sphynx that was a rescue. He is a 18 months old and his name is MooShoo. They are wonderful pets. Very docile, loving and loyal. And a real hoot. Pet quality can run anywhere from $800 to $1200. Show quality is alot more expensive. Sometimes the breeders will retire their studs and queens and place them as household pets for a reduced price. The best thing you can do is looking under sphynx breeders in yahoo. E-mail them and tell that you are looking for a pet and ask if they have any they plan on retiring.

Sphynx is a special breed of cat. Because they have little fur, other than a fine coat of down, barely seen by the naked eye (no fur except on their ears, nose and sometimes tail), they need to be indoor only cats. And they should be bathed at least twice a month. A cat secretes oils which are absorbed by their fur. In a Sphynx, it stays on their skin. The way I tell Moo needs a bath is when he gets a ring around his neck. Sort of like being down a quart of oil . Their ears must also be cleaned out every other day or so as they get a bad wax build up also due to having no fur in their ears.

I would highly recommend a Sphynx to anyone who is looking for a cat. They adapt well to multi-cat households and loves the company. He also loves going for a ride in the car and being around people.

Good luck in your search!

Here's MooShoo. His eyes look that way because he had a virus in them and it caused scar tissue to form on his corneas. He is blind in his right eye and has limited vision in his left. But believe me, that does NOT stop him from running through my apartment.

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SOmeday I would like to own a sphynx cat! I think that they are ugly in a way, but their ugliness makes them cute! MooShoo is cute!
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That's how people react, they're either cute, or so cute they're ugly. MooShoo is a hoot and I'd get another one if I didn't have so many cats (7). Good luck in your search.
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Don't forget about Peterbalds! I think it's TICA that accepts them under the New Breed catagory now.

I don't really understand the difference between Peterbalds and the Don Hairless though so if someone could explain that, I'd appreciate it.
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Check out Breeder Board thread. A breeder, Askahomeopath, is looking to retire a female cornish rex, which is basically a Sphynx with a thin layer of wavy fuzz. She lives in South Carolina too!
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