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Sophie had her kittens! - Page 2

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Thank you Beth. They are doing very well! I tried to take some pictures of them today when my camera phone but they didn't turn out well!

Not yet, it's this Saturday!
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I can't believe I missed this thread! Congratulations Sophie & Sam! The babies sound just beautiful!
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Thank you Kelly! They will be one week old tomorrow.
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Awww, congrats Sam and Sophie!!!
I'm glad the kittens are doing well, can't wait to see pics when you get some!

Love that cute kitten in your siggy BTW!!
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Thanks heaps Diane. Lonestar is adorable isn't he!

Kitties are one week old today!
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I'm just catching this thread. Congrats!
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Thanks Chris.

I'm downloading some Kodak Easyshare software at the moment so cross your fingers that it works so I can share these babies with ya'll!
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