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putting out his claws

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my kitten keep puttin his claws out, then keep back
putting out again and back again
and keep scatching
is this signal agresif or wat?
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I think we need a little more info.

Is the kitten doing this against your clothing or body? Is he doing this while you are scratching him?

It sounds like he is kneeding...this is a sign of happiness or contentment. A kitten will kneed his mom while he is nursing. My Frantic does this on my soft throw while he is purring in my lap. Or on my arm while he is falling asleep.

If this is what the kitten is doing, its not agressive.
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No, it's a signal that your cat is contented and he is "kneading" his claws.
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He's happy! I think they call it milk treading (what kittens to do get the mommycat's nipples to pop out). They do that when they're content. Mine do it all the time.
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Bijou kneads the side of my face and neck while suckling my neck. I know I'm old and have "turkey neck", but he is skating on thin ice!
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Sophies on my lap right now and is purring for England while she pulls back her claws lightly on my bathrobe.

She does this to my face as well when it's more or less time for me to get up
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oh... that is a nice thing i suppose. maybe i muz nail trim him so i wont get hurt.
another thing is. he keep put his paws on my face. why?
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Well Sophie puts her paws on my face just before my alarm goes off as if she knows, so it's like she's giving me a gentle shake herself?!

And Rosie does it whenever i've been upset as if to say "It's ok mum!"
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I think it is so cute when Guinness kneeds etc. If I am sitting on the bed reading my book or something and he is next to me, he reaches out to touch me or kneed me. It is so cute.

This morning at 3am he scared me though as I was fast asleep and he just put his paws on my face before jumping off the bed. He loves me...
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the "paws on the face" thing is to merely get your attention!!!

I think it's cuz your face is where all the noises come from... all the sweet words ya say to kitty... and where your expressions are. So kitty knows this is how to get your attention when you're sound asleep & being so quiet. Paws on the face = WAKE UP.
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I agree...I love when my boy, Lovey, does this though..
Its the only thing he does really absurdly gentle..
If I stop petting him, he looks up and just pats my face gently.
And then yesterday a.m, did it repeatedly just to wake me up.

I love it...
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Sophie .... is purring for England ...
She's so loyal to her country! LOL
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