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is there a kitty litter for urinary problems?

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I am new to the site!

Are there any kitty litters that are better for cats with urinary problems? My male cat Max gets frequent bladder infections. The vet has told us to increase his water intake and we have him on antibiotics. However, when he does get an infection he does not want to urinate in the litter box. (He actually goes in the toilet or in a stainless steel dog bowl.)

Does anyone know of a special litter that he might be happier with?

Dani & Max
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If you are using the same litter box you had when he was sick. Throw it away and get two new ones. They will associate the box with the pain involved in their illness and avoid the predator that hurt them. He needs two litter pans anyway-

You can also use the Cat Attract cat litter- you can find it on Meowhoo.com under the Litter category
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Thanks Hissy! We do have another cat, so we have 2 litter boxes. But this is the first I heard that he should have two. Can you tell me the reason for this? I will definitely get new litter boxes!

Thanks again!
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I'll also vote for Cat Attract litter - worked with one of mine that was avoiding the litter box for the same reasons. You can occassionally find it at big stores like Pets Mart, but not very often.
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Just another thought that my vet spoke to me about, was getting a water fountain to encourage water intake - it worked well for my boys
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I would vote for the attract kind I did see one for uti at a big P store but I think it was to help detect
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there's also a dry cat foor made especially for cats with UTI. My kitty was on that because he gets UTI frequently too. You can get it at your vet's, most likely. I dont have the name of the food with me, but if you need it let me know and I will check when i get home tonight! good luck!
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i have a cat newly diagnosed with urinary problems. i don't think there is any special litter- just whatever he will use and like. i agree with getting rid of the old boxes- he probably does associate those with illness.

i tried 3 different water fountains for emily before finding the drinkwell fountain, which she loves (and her vet recommended).

you probably already know this, but aside from the increased water intake you (according to my vet and other literature) should feed canned or wet food only, or at least favor that type. emily doesn't like canned (she will stop eating if that's all i feed) so she and ashley split a small can in the morning and at night, and i free-feed a special urinary diet.

there are probably a dozen different urinary foods, both canned and dry. i had to try several before finding one emily will eat. she loves the stuff and can't get enough of it!

sorry- throwing in more info than you asked for. i hope it helps though.

p.s. - the litter should be kept very clean as well - i scoop it every day now (which i should have been doing before, i know). i do a complete change of the litter once a week as well, and disinfect the box with a dilution of 1:60 of bleach to water (vet recommended this). this translates to 1.5 teaspoons bleach per cup of water.
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