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I can't figure Peter out!

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Just a little background, Peter, 9-months is from a litter of feral kittens, rescued with their mom in Oct. There were around 3 months old at the time.
They all came around except Peter, who was adopted with his sister in Dec., but returned when the kittens regressed to feral behavior. Before I brought Peter home at the end of Jan. it was at the point he was letting me reach into his cage without hissing or cringing. I could also hold him for short periods of time.

We really expected it would Peter weeks or even months to come around, once I brought him home, but by day two, he was coming to me for attention and would climb up on my lap to purr when I visited him in my spare bedroom. I initially kept him separated from my two female cats, but he's had the run of the house for about a month and a half. Everyone seems to be getting along well.

Here's my dilema. Although he was very affectionate and seemed comfortable in his new home initially, lately he's become even more skittish.
He sleeps on the bed at night (and chews my hair - a previous) post. He
does interact when we play, but other than that will run when I come near him, or, if I do get close enought to pet him, he'll get up and move. He didn't do this before.
I've been taking it slow with him all along, talking to him softly, no sudden movements etc... and there haven't been any changes in the household.

Any thoughts? Thanks!
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has he been to the vet? Sudden changes in behavior are often health-related. It is possible one of your females hurt him, and now he is cautious, or as with all strays he is developing his own sense of what he likes, versus what you want him to like. Don't push him, but if you think he is ill get him to your vet.
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could any of the females be in heat ??
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Peter was neutered, tested for FeLV and FIV, and had all his shots before I adopted him, but I haven't taken him to the vet yet. He doesn't seem at all afraid of the girls. Loves to aggravate them and doesn't seem bothered if they hiss or swat. Both of them are spayed.
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If the vet gives him a clean bill of health (meaning I also think you should get him checked out), think about any changes you've made. Have you switched perfumes, scented soaps, etc.? Our cat hates Chloé perfume. How about glasses? One neighborhood cat always runs over when she sees me for a belly rub. Starting about a year ago, she acted afraid of me occasionally. It took me a long time to figure out that she was skittish whenever I was wearing my new glasses, which darken in the sun (I usually wear contacts). If I'm wearing them when I see her, I take them off - problem solved.
It could also be that he's "growing up", and is simply going through a stage where he's not as cuddly. Some adult cats will only cuddle at certain times of the day or night.
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This weekend Peter was back to seeking out attention and being affection.
Maybe something happened to traumatize him that I don't know about. We're going to the vet tomorrow for a checkup.

Anyway, I'll love my little guy regardless of his purrsonality. He has with me and "the girls" for life.

Thanks for the feedback!
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