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Need members suggestions

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I need to know what are some of the things that you would like to know or see written about cats. I write for a newspaper (my column is called Pet Talk) and after almost two full years I am running out of fresh ideas - if you have time and can check my website ( and check out what I have already written about in my newspaper columns (they are all posted), I would love to get some ideas of new topics. They can be factual, whimsical or emotional - and if you have ideas about what to write on other domestic animals, please throw that out to me too. I do have one on Parrots and Horses coming out next month as well as one on FIP and a new anti declawing column. Please help me avoid writer's block! I pretty much can write about whatever I want so there is a wide field open to me. Thanks!

I would love to hear about cat laws, etc. in other countries (Anne?) or states that might come together and make a good column.
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How about writing an article on exotic pets? I have several, and even subscribe the the magazine....exotic pets & other small animals.

I have African pygmy hedgehogs, and duprasi (my duprasi just had three babies!!! )

I think people might be interested in exotic pets.

Hope this helps.
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There are so many stories about cats, and horses that I have read that have moved me to tears. How cool it would be to travel around the United States, meet the authors and their animals and write about your impressions they leave. Just an idea....from a fellow writer...*G*
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Hissy....that's a very good idea, also!!!!
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I haven't checked out your articles, but am wondering if you have done any coverage about the banning & killing of the so called dangerous dogs, (Rotts, GSD, pitt bull & several other breeds) some countrys are actually killing these animals & here in the good old USA their are cities in several states that, are banning these dogs. Because they are biting & killing so many people in the last year or so. It is not the dogs fault, any breed can bite & any breed can kill, people need to be made responsible for the actions of their dogs. These bans are becomming more & more common in the USA. We need to not allow this to happen, what animals will it be next? Think it can't be your cats? Think again.
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Hey, how about an article on cat shows (I've read your articles and if you've done one, please forgive me). Also, how about an article on moving with cats. Hey, let me think up some more. I'll probably have a list for you when I see you in 2 weeks.

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I agree with you My3Boys.....this is very scary, and we need to take some action NOW! Before our rights as pet owners get completely taken away!!!
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To all of you & My3boys ......I don't meen to be cruel or anything but at the same time I don't belive that the fighting dogs are in any good state of mind really, I am a animal lover and have been groving up with dogs and cats and even horses.
I do feel very strong against dog fighting and crulety against animals.
But i do have to say that "pitt bull & ect", and I do agree to one level that it is not the dogs fault that what is happening to them, but it is the human that made the wrong in the first place in bringing in the "fight dog".
I know that some people think it is not the dogs fault but still though we can't have dogs that would not think 2 of not biting a child or another animal.
I do have my own experiens of this matter, and I am telling you that the couple did not have anything with hitting or kicking the dog at any time, only love and caring tenderness they had, but the dog were totelly "crazy" even to people that came in to there house for a visit.
He bite me once on my thumb, ok it was not that bad but it could have been.
And what about the couple in that hade a Pitt Bull that killed the owners girlfriend after she jumped in the bed and the dog killed her by biting her intil she died.
I do realize that it is not the dogs fault but it is the humans and we have to do something about it, even if it is a sad thing.
I love dogs, I grew up with cats & dogs & horses, but so far I have never had any problems with a any dog except with Pitt Bulls, I dont think that rottis or german or any other dogs have so much "anger" in them as Pitt bull have.
I hope that I have not stept on any ones toes now, I dont meen to be hard on anyones feeling but I do feel strong about this.
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My point is that no breed of dog (or animal) should be banned simply because it is a particular breed. I know several people with pit bulls & they are the sweetest dogs ever. I have a Rott that thinks everybody he meets is a potential new best friend, and most Rotts are this way. Yes their are & always will be dogs of any breed that are unstable, also you will see this problem with some cats. Same as people, because someone murders someone, are we all in the same category? People need to assume responsibility over their animals, proper training, socializing & such. And one of the biggest problems we face now is that so many people are backyard breeding these dogs, dogs of unstable temperament to begin with. just to make a dollar or two. Would you believe that the Golden Retriever has the most bites against him over any other dog right now? The point is also if you allow "any" breed of dog to be banned, its only going to happen to another breed & then after that, another breed, do you see where this is going?
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....Off course I see where it is going and what you are telling me, and I do agree with you on that point.
Even Dalmations are very "gaurdy" kind of dog, there are many dogs that are Guardy but not evil, maybe you dont agree with me but I do see Pitt Bull as "little" bitt evil when they can bite someone in such a anger with no thinking.
Off course german S, and rottis and doberman have som big reputasion but I dont think we have that respect of them as we would have if we meet a Pitt bull out on the street with no lead, ???? I would not feel as much fear if I meet a German shepherd then a Pitt Bull on the street lose.
This is the first time I see anything like this, about banning an animal for it's rage crayz behavior.
shoure there is maybe some dogs that look a like and are very cute and so on, but as soon they see another dog, female or male it does not matter, they want to fight it.
And kill it.

It is very hard to train a Pitt Bull as well, there are differents kind of pitts bull, but most of them are dont have any IQ at all, sorry but they dont.
I did speak to a very ignorent man that had a some kind of a pitt bull and he said that he could through the dog cross a hole pub area and the dog would just get up and start playing and showing a great happiness for some reason and for him was like nothing happend, why I am saying this is because he told me that they are thick, and propobly dont feel pain, that is why some people are useing them as fighting dogs, they can go on for hours until one of them die.

I hope that you dont feel bad about me and think that I am a bad animal person but I am trying to see if you understand what I mean when I say that atleast stop breeding them until we can control them, I think we cant right now.
they are very hard to train in anything.
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I understand your reasoning, but its not an educated reasoning. As far as Pit Bulls not feeling pain, thats ridiculous. I stand by my facts that a well bred, socialized, trained dog will not act like the dogs we are reading about. You said the man that told you this, was ignorant, I agree, & thats exactly the type of people we have breeding unstable dogs, & you have many people out their trying to make these dogs mean. Do you know that they actually use (some people steal) dogs to use as bait training for the Pit Bulls, yes, these dogs are tore up & left to die or live with no further care. They are throw away to the people training their Pit Bulls to fight. If people were held accountable for their dogs, believe me their would be much less of this thing. What happens now? A dog bites someone, he is put to sleep & the owner gets slapped on the hands & goes out & gets another dog. Yes now days you would be very wise to be afraid of one of these dogs if you met one on the street, because of the crazy people breeding these poor dogs.
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I just want to apoligize if I offended anyone in my previous post, as you can tell, this is something that I am very passionate about. This will be my last post on this particular subject. Sophie, I especially don't wish to offend you. Obviously your a lover of animals & that makes you a special person.
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Thank you for beeing nice and we probobly are agreeing about the most things and are good people and no you have not ofended me in any kind.
I hope of all my heart that this end up in the most correct way possoble way for all animal and human.
thank you for you adult converstion.

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I think that's also what this forum is about...not only sharing our cat storeis and getting advice on cat problems, but also to disagree and discuss it to see both sides of the issue as long as it is done in a nice and nonoffending way, and I think this is a good example, everyone had different opinions here, but noone was mean about it.

I see both sides.I have a german sheperd, and my friend has a rottie....both are well behaved as long as noone is threatening them....but I think it is the owners responsibility to raise these dogs in such a way as to not promote aggressive behavior. The dogs such as Pit Bulls and others, just have it naturally in them to be mean if they are not taught otherwise from the start. It's not their fault, but it can cause alot of problems, when in the hands of irresponsible people. I don't think they shouyld ban any particular breed, but it sure would be hard to monitor who has them....this is a tough one.
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I just love these topics. There are so many ways to view things. I am one of those people who beleive that the angry is bred into them and it's the owners who need to be responsible. I would not buy a Pit Bull from someone who has been breeding them for fighting, but I would buy one from someone who was doing it for the love of the breed. Most of the anger is line bred. I will add to this whole thing that I have been bitten 3 times in my life...all 3 times they were small dogs! Should we ban terriers and dauchunds as well??
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Wow, I didn't think asking for ideas and topics for my columns would result in this long a discussion on Pitt Bulls! Okay - here is my take as a resuce organization. First, I have written a column called No bad breeds, only bad people. However, I do not take Pitt Bulls into my organization for many reasons - one, my insurance would double and two, I don't know the breeding. I don't care how wonderful you bring up your puppy, if it is from a backyard breeder and inbred breeding, you could have trouble. I will not accept any animal, Pitt Bull, Chow, Rotti or Jack Russell Terrier that is aggressive to little animals. I will not take an animal that has killed a cat - Huskies are notorious for killing small animals - in order for any dog to get into my organization they must go through an assessment including their aggressiveness towards other dogs, cats and kids. If a dog is aggressive to cats I will not place it, not even in a catless home because chances are the neighbor has a cat.

Now, I have friends that breed Am Staffs (Pitt Bulls) and they are very sweet and they live with cats and other dogs. I myself have a Dogo Argentino which is a breed on the Dangerous Dog list. She is a big mush with my cats, dogs and kids - but if provoked would attack another dog or person - she is highly socialized and I trust her - but I refused to take her sister into rescue because she went after both one of my dogs and one of my cats.

Unfortunately people have hurt these breeds because of their greed and blood lust for fighting - and most of the dogs confiscated from these fighting rings do have to be put down.

Now - how about some other ideas (cat ideas) for my columns>

I like the idea of exotics - where can I find out info on hedgehogs and what was that other animal?

Oh - the only dog that ever bit me was a Dachshund.
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Hey, how about the genetic make up of the cat or the basic history?
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You can get wonderful information on hedgehogs by going to this forum that I am also a member has alot of good advice and stories about Chinchillas and hedgehogs...

I hope this link works...if not, just put in hedgehog forums in a search engine.

The duprasi I mentioned can be found by putting in duprasi into a search engine.

Let me know if this helps!
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....Hihi hihihi, ok here I go again, I know and do see and understand what you "all" are saying.
But, some of the Pit Bull do not always ending up as loveing and caring pets even if you only show it love and tendrness, some of them as you said have it in their "geans"(spelling)??
Some of thies dogs are borne with these anger and, Yes, it is the humans fault and their responsibelity for what happens to those dogs, and should be prosecuted for that sort of crime, Well that is my idea and that is more then they deserve, what ever that may be.
I know that are differents size in pit Bulls and I am not shore about the British Bit Bull, but there are one bigger one with higher legs and bigger head, which is a Pit Bull as well, and they are very evil, well that is my experience anyway.
This dog who were called Hanibal was sort of kind when he was a pupp, but after some time of growing up he became more and more evil, and put down after doing some out rage after humans for no reason.
it was almost imposeble to have him in a house, where everybody else was, he could get some crazy ideas, belive me.
but off course there was some time when he could be ok, which was when he was sleeping.
But these is not the only dog I have seen like this, so dont take me wrong by thinking that it is only one dog I have seen, becose this is one of the biggest matter I have ever seen.
But I think it is a good thing that we are talking about it and not fighting about it.
But as you said, it is the humans responsebiletys from the biggining and should take it from the first time ever.
I hope that in the future we can come up with some agreement.
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....sorry guys, I will not say anything about pit bulls again, it is just that i feel wery strong about them and i whish i could do something for them.

only happy conversation from now on, atleast for awhile..
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How about cat training? There's this guy in Key West who brings out his trained cats to do a bunch of tricks and leap through hoops of fire (though I think this is a bit much). I saw a tv documentary about him and he has many cats which he trains from kittenhood and, obviously, loves them very much.

How about the best way to introduce a new cat to an exsisting cat household?

Or, perhaps, for the complete cat lover, how to turn your household into a kitty paradise?
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Cat welfare is a very important issue, though I suppose you have dealt with it before. I can put you in touch with the head of the Israeli cat welfare society. She's a very nice lady that has been doing so much for the cats here. She knows all about the laws and problems. It is a bit of an issue here right now. There's a special committee that's supposed to wor out a new law regarding cats. The cat welfare society is working very hard to make this a no-kill, NTR policy, but it's an ongoing struggle. I know that they are always on the lookout for international support, so I think she'll be happy to talk to you.

By the way, I visited the shelter yesterday and we had a little chat. she told me there's a big animal welfare convention in Connecticut this summer. She's going to be there so maybe you'll have a chance to meet.

Also, you can find some nice US legislation matters. There was this councilman (I can't remember where) that tried to pass a law that says that no one can own more than a total of 4 pets...

And, just my 2 cents on the dangerous dogs issue. I love dogs and I do think that these particular breeds you mentioned are a lot more dangerous, not because they are evil or mean by nature, but rather because the have the jaw-power to inflict serious damage. I can easily believe that golden retrievers bite more often than any other type of dog. I can also believe that pinchers and daschounds are more aggressive, but I would rather have several bites by a dacsh than one by a rotti. The breeds that were meant to be fighting dogs have immense power in their jaws. I wouldn't like them near babies and small children. Even if it's a slim chance that they will bite, that bite can be fatal. This is not to say that they should be outlawed, just that there should be better control over breeders and owners so as not to create aggressive individuals (genetically or behaviorally).
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I have been on a dog rescue for the past few days and was not able to visit the site - but I am here now - I have a Wheaton Terrier, a Schnauzer mix, A Peke mix, a Dobie puppy who has had all its toes fractured due to "stomping", two other puppies and an older Dobie mix who has pnuemonia, is emaciated and has a broken leg. All in a days work.

There is a no kill conference in Connecticut this year - we will be vendors - it is August 16-19th at the Hartford Civic Center. Please have whoever you know that is going to find the Helping Paws booth - it will be fun to meet people who are part of this website!

Meowman, thanks for your ideas - I have done training (I have awesome cats who do tricks) and I have done the introduction column (please visit and go to Newspaper columns, but I have not done the kitty paradise and I may do something on that. I have been writing for a few years now and it is so hard to find new topics.

Thanks everyone and I would still like ideas!
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