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9 years old and blind....

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Hi, im new to this forum, but not to rescue work. Been doing that for a very long time. I work a lot with semi ferals and the abused and neglected. THis is the first time i went out and trapped and attempted to "turn" a cat by my self. Someone has a sence of humor, because not only do i get a semi feral that was left after being fed for 9 years, he is BLIND! Of course my first "by my self case" is special needs...LOL, but its ok. Im already in love with him.

His name is phoenix. He ate out of one bowl for 9 years that a man would fill up every night. Suddenly the man was gone...and three days went by and there was no food. The sweet little flaim point blue eyed cat sat and waited at the door for food on the third day. As i was walking to my car i noticed him. And though hmm that is strange that guy moved out on Sunday. I said a few choice words when it finally hit me what had happed. I walked over and asked the maintanence guy who was painting the inside who that belonged to and he confirmed my worst thought...They had left him. Obviously he was a bit wild but trusted the man who fed him. I had a huge chalange infront of me. Should i try and trap this cat? Should i take him away from all he knows? Then the guy drops the bomb shell. "Oh yeah and btw, the man who fed him claims he is blind" OH let me tell you i was mad. I fought back the tears, and asked if i could trap him. He was over joyed and said that would be great...He then said the can never left that one area so it should be easy. (little did the man know that its real hard to trap a blind cat) Well 1 week and 3 days later i had him. It was a wild feeling.

We ( my dh and I) rushed him up to our appartment. And checked him over. He was breathing really hard. So we let him out of the trap and into my bathroom. Where he didnt move for a few hours.

Since then i moved him into a more quite spot where i play clasical music for him. I feed him three times a day with a spoon that it attatched to a nother spoon. I am pregnant and cant risk getting my self bit. It seems the only way he will eat. Twice now as i was feeding him with the long spoon i would get him to eat out of the bowl. That was a wonderful feeling. He wont come out of the hideaway carpet box...And he has only peed twice, which in my mind is a HUGE accomplishment!

I have an appointment with the vet on Monday. (its as soon as i coudl get in.) I believe he is blind also because he never looks at me. You know that look a feral cat has, semi feral or not...they all giv eyo uthis look. He does not do that. He does not focus on anything. ITs going to be a long road. He is just starting trust me. I turned his life upside down and even worse cuase when you do that to a blind cat its even longer for them to come around.

I need all the advice i can get. I have never delt with a blind or impaired (only abused) cat or dog for that matter. I am trying to figure out how to get into his head to show him that i love himand want him to be spoiled and have food anytime he wants and to be safe. The only way i can do that is by sound. How do i dothis???

I cant believe this poor cat lived for so long. I cant believe those people left him.....KNOWING HE WAS BLIND! I do know acutally no one wants to put the time and energy into this. Which to me is sad. Dont tell me you dont have time....I have a two year old and three other cats and im moving in two months. I have time. I dont have the money...but i have time. My parents are going to help me with his vet bills because they would like to have him after i work with him for a while. He has no idea what is in store for him....They are thinking about building an ouside room that is screened and almost like a huge bird cage...but for a cat. So he can feel as htough he is in the wild but yet protected due to his blindness. COOL HUH?!

Well sorry for the book...thank youfor reading it. Like i said...any advice is well needed!!!!!!


Mother of a 2year old boy and 3 cats which have all been rescued. Step momma to a 4 th kitty who is in need of as much love as we can give him.
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Oh, this just breaks my heart. Bless you, Ami, for saving precious Phoenix!
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I have had three blind cats in the twenty plus years of working with abused cats. If you email me I will be happy to share with you what to do. It is a bit long and involved to post here- you can reach me through the websites system email or via PM
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I would listen to hissy's advice but you can do a couple of standard things right away...

Read to him. If time isn't a problem, try fifteen minute intervals three times a day. Get him used to the sound of your voice.

Give him your unwashed laundry. Wherever he is hiding, put a couple of your dirty t-shirts in there and let him nest on them. It will get him accustomed to your scent.

The stray I rescued isn't blind, but I taught her to play a version of Marco-Polo with me. If I say something, she will make a noise back to me. This is how I avoid stepping on her in the dark. We "found" this way to communicate by accident, but I think it was because I repeated certain phrases and she began to recognize the patterns. She is awake and at my feet now as I type -- and if I said a certain phrase I could 100% sure get her to make a certain noise back at me. This is a very powerful form of trust and communication when I deal with Nano. So the advice is: Repeat certain friendly phrases to him over the next few weeks and see if you can get him to consistently respond to you with a couple of them.

Regardless, thanks for taking care of this fella and good luck!
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